Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The day dawned clear and cool; the god (make that "dog" -- I can't even type this morning!) woke up rested and ready for action; the bear could bearly come to -- except there was a dog licking my face. That'll teach me to lie at the edge of the bed. YD is just tall enough to stand beside the bed and lick, lick, lick.

Good grief; a three-times-a-day walker, a gardening assistant, an animated door bell (that barks when strangers get close). These I can handle, more or less, A four-footed alarm clock? Um, well, . . .

He was sick in the night. For some utterly unfathomable reason, he likes to eat sticks. Some tooth-pick sized pieces got stuck in his stomach, and he regurgitated them. I thought I had cleaned up after him at 3:00 a.m., but I missed a spot. Anyhow, cleaning up was part of this morning's list of things to do.

The list included walking dog, feeding dog, working in the garden (to clean up a mess AND entertain the dog). Not to mention getting cleaned up myself (locked the dog out of the bathroom while having a shower this time), plus taking time to talk to G3. (Fancy that; talking to my wife!) Yeah, the dog really has taken over. But seeing as we have to go out, he's gone home for the afternoon.


Gutsy Living said...

Sounds just like a newborn baby. The amount of work he takes.

Unknown said...

Awww, sounds like fun !!! Hope his stomach feels better..

Rob-bear said...

GW and dani: Yup in both cases. He goes home on Friday!! That's the neat thing about being a grandparent. You get to play with them, then send 'em home. I think I already mentioned that conspiracy between grandparents and grand children. Grandpuppies fall into the same category.

Natalie said...

Hmph! Well that being the case, Rob Bear, I might send some kidlets over on Monday to keep you company, because NO DOUBT you will be missing all the drama!xx

Rob-bear said...

The deal is simple Natsy.

The kidlets will be sent home forthwith,
a) after having been fed an extra large cappucino with additional sugar, and
b) each accompanied by a dog rescued from the local SPCA. (You've got a family of seven; three more would bring that to a nice round ten).

There are several reasons for that course of action:
a) kidlets might be terrified by seeing a bear close up,
b) they might get bored after the length of time spent at the bear enclosure in the local zoo, and
c) YOU might miss all the drama.

Not listed as a reason for returning them is the fact that they might miss their mommy. This is a considered omission, given the dreadful, sleep-deprived shrew into which mommy has turned recently. ;) ;)

(OH dear -- did I actually write that? And now the "delete" key on my computer won't work!)

One added thought. Remember that list from Lola of things you could do, which I amended. One further amendment. Feed the Scotch to the kidlets. I promise not to tell child welfare.

Seriously, I hope the young'uns and mom all get to be well rested and healthy in short order. I really do hope that!!

Virtual hugs from the far north (a suitable distance from your kiddies).

contemporary themes said...

Oh, I how I hate to clean up the "throw up" from my cats! They are both 12 years old now, so there's a lot of it these days. I guess it happens when they are young and when they are older -- just like people! ; )

Natalie said...

He,he,he. You really are a funny old bear!
We used to have a tv character in Australia called Humphrey Bear. The line of his song was ' what a funny old fellow is Humphrey,he's really an amazing old bear"

See ya, Humphrey.x

Rob-bear said...

Sheila: It seems we all have our "best before" dates. Perhaps your cats are approaching theirs.

Natalie: Funny you should mention Humphry! He's my second cousin, twice removed. I lost track of him a few years ago. Anything you could do to help us re-connect would be much appreciated.
In the meantime, I hope you, your offspring, and the Mark-ed man in your life, are all doing reasonably.