Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well, the snow finally disappeared today, leaving behind a multitude of junk on our lawn -- bottles, cigarette buts, candy wrappers, cigarette packages, etc. Most, I think, are from the "customers" of our neighbours across the street. A far as we can tell (and by "we" I mean me and the other neighbours at this end of block), the folks across the street are dealing drugs. Aside from the garbage, we haven't really had any problem. In fact the father/grandfather/patriarch of the family and I have delightful chats we see each other on the street. Our City Councilor, however, is well aware of the situation, which may lead to some intervention on the part of the local constabulary. (Heavy on the MAY.) In the meantime, it's "Que shiraz, shiraz," as Wendy put it so delightfully.

Before I did that raking, thought, I had to pick up a few things at the grocery and some air filters for our forced air furnace. Which meant traveling to a multitude shops -- nobody has all the things you need in one place. I was gone for so long that G3 was beginning to be a bit concerned about what happened to me.

Anyhow, I got a bit of the front yard raked before my body gave out, and I lugged my "collection" to the big trash bin in the back lane. After that I came in, exhausted, and slept of about five hours (a common occurrence in many of my afternoons).

Perhaps in the next day or two I'll be able to finish raking the front lawn, and be able to turn my attention to the gardens (front and back) and my "Celtic Grove" -- my sanctuary space.

Hope spring is a joy for all of you, my mates. What are some of your favorite spring projects?


Natalie said...

Wow, Rob! Scary people across the road, and their mess = yuk!

Sorry things wear you out so much ~ 5 hours is more than I get each night!Your body obviously is trying to heal itself, my friend.

Love to you, from the madness that is me.xx

The Blog Fodder said...

My favourite spring activity was always calving season. I miss it terribly. New life, new grass, little babies and good (and bad) mothers, the joyful bounce of a healthy calf, the satisfaction of seeing a newborn calf, licked clean, struggle to its feet and begin nursing.

Second to that was ball season. I coached Regina Minor Girls Softball for several years when my youngest girls were playing. The crack of a bat or the sound of leather on leather still makes me want to play, though i need to hit a triple to get to first base.

Rob-bear said...

Natalie: Thanks for the love and concern. The sleeping five hours in the afternoon is much more frightening than the neighbours.

BF: Ah yes: calving, and later branding and prairie oysters. I remember one family with a large feedlot operation inviting the Rev. and his family to branding. Interesting experience of how one's parishioners live.
Was that a triple Scotch you were hitting before the game that slowed you down?

Unknown said...

Too bad you have such messy (and controversial) neighbors but at least your city fathers are aware.

Ah, my favorite spring projects are always cleaning out the old mulch and putting down new, plus cleaning out birdhouses and watching new birds build nest, have eggs and teach their young ones how to fly!

Take care of yourself.

Maternal Tales said...

If it wasn't so frightening to sleep 5 hours in the afternoon I would be jealous! I need some sleep!!!! Well at least you don't have far to go for a pick-you-up!!! ;-)

Spring project - sorting out my life!!


pandoraskey said...

I have to say I find the clowns emerging from our trees here in the spring :)the squirrels, bring me most joy to watch. They run through the trees chasing each other reminding me that life is what you make it ;)sooo fun!

Rob-bear said...

Jane: After helping G3 with tomorrow's presentation, the bird boxes come next. And actually, I'm starting to feel stronger!

MT: A womam after my own heart! Unfortunately, a lot of people think I'm a bit (or more than a bit) dozy. (People like the Blog Fodder, for instance, but who's naming names?)
And yes, sorting out my life is a major spring project here. A lot of things that used to work just aren't working any more.

pandoraskey: we have the same clowns here, but they haven't made it to our yard yet. There's a huge pile of sunflower seed on the ground that the sparrows have dropped from the feeder; so there's a veritable feast waiting for the squirrels when they show up.