Thursday, April 2, 2009

A DOG, A DOG; MY ahhhh, owwwww, arrrgg . . . (7)

Having faced health challenges most of last summer, autumn and winter, I'm really not in good physical (or mental) shape. The plan was for me to get walking, now that the weather is getting nicer here, and it is easier to get around. Walk for fifteen minutes, three times a week, then up to four times a week after a bit, then finally five times a week. Good plan, approved by my care team.

Thursday night, Young Dog arrived. Since then, its been 15 minutes, three times a day -- way beyond the prescribed plan.

This morning (Thusday) I woke up with my legs feeling a bit rubbery. Took the dog for his accustomed walk, then worked in the yard. Came in to the house mid-morning, feeling exhausted; rested, had lunch and then slept. Woke up mid-afternoon almost totally immobilized -- in both my legs and back. Everything has stiffened up (almost rock solid and immobile). And the PAIN. Too much activity, too soon. Ah, well. I was trying to be a good sport about it; now I'm suffering the consequences.

G3 walked the dog after supper (having taken on that challenge for me). When she got home, however, YD came tearing down the stairs and I was bowled over "enthusiasm in four legs." I managed to crawl to the love seat across from the gas stove in the basement sitting room. YD hopped up, curled up against me, and allowed me to pet him until we were both relaxed.

Tomorrow, Young Dog goes home. He will be there to greet Uni-gal when she returns from her conference/holiday in the States. I hope to survive until then. (I certainly expect to do so -- though I'm not certain in what condition.)


Gutsy Living said...

The gym might help you. You're talking to someone who loves weight training and has done it for 26 years, 6 times/week. Sorry couldn't help but brag a little. Hope your pain goes away soon.

Natalie said...

Hang in there Rob, not long now!x

Rob-bear said...

GW: I'm doing better after resting this evening. I have weights and was doing weight training here at home (after learning some things from the guy at the gym). Walking and weights are certainly a part of my future. Thanks for the support.

Natalie: That's the good news. And the bad news.