Saturday, July 25, 2009


In my travels through the blogsphere, and in my conversations with people in the physical world, I discover some interesting notions about Christianity.

So I decided to toss a couple of lines on my Desert Epiphanies blog.

It's just a beginning of course, but these thoughts come into my head at night, when I should be sleeping, but can't.

I hope that your day is going well.


. . . well, more or less. After much fixing of house and visiting with family, the Bear is trying to recuperate.

You'll find me popping up here and there -- either at your blog, or, more frequently, at Purple Coo. I expect to be blogging more frequently in the fall.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Three baby Robins (American Robins, not the British type) made their appearance in our back yard today. These were not small babies, but still had most of the immature plumage (see picture -- very speckled breast and back -- not the bright red breast of the adults). BTW -- American Robins are actually members the the Thrush family; they're not Robins.

As followers will remember, the first Mrs. Robin (who nested in out tree) died of septicemia after being hit by a predator (probably a neighbour cat). But Mr. Robin held on to his territory, found another Mrs. Robin, and behold -- the babies have made it to our 24/7 B&B ("Bird and Breakfast") yard.

They're actually quite comical. They have this unusual style of running; You'd think they would fall over at any minute. One was trying to to "play" with a sparrow. The sparrow had no intention of playing with a "baby" that was twice the sparrow's size, and a bit un-coordinated (and thus unpredictable).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


There is an ancient Chinese saying (and this one is apparently legitimate) to the effect that, "The man who finishes his house, dies."

At this rate, I'll live forever.

There are some people, however, who are not doing so well. Some have succumbed to the A/H1N1 'Flu. For more information, you can check the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Saturday, July 4, 2009


While the a/H1N1 influenza may have been banished to the back pages of the papers, and the backs of our minds, it is still out there.

There have been 13,000 new cases reported in the last two days. And there have been 50 deaths in those two days.

You'll find the latest on my "Bears Noting" blog.

No cause for panic -- but vigilance is important.


Canadians celebrated our national holiday, Canada Day, just a few days ago. Today, it's the Americans turn to celebrate "Independence Day." So near -- yet so different -- those days.

On my "Bears Noting" blog, I decided to reflect a bit on the differences, our different national philosophies, and, particularly, our differences in health care. Both of those differences are quite significant.

Happy reading. And joyous celebrating!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We Canadians celebrated our 142nd "birthday"as a nation today. For our household, it was a family celebration. Everyone was here at least part of the day, and the grandkids are sleeping over.

The major reason for the sleepover was the annual Canada Day fireworks display, held in one of the riverbank parks. (Earlier in the day, I went out and trimmed our maple tree, so we could get a good view.) We can't see the whole show from our solarium, but we can see the "big ones." Lots of reds, and purples, and golds, and greens this year, with multiple bursts. The grandchildren laughed with glee, even though it was hours past their bedtimes, and they could hardly stay awake.

In the time of political and economic uncertainty, it was good to take a break, and just have some fun. And remember how great is the nation in which we live, and how blessed we are. May you in your nations also recognize your greatness, and blessings.