Friday, April 24, 2009


Back a while ago on this blog, in posts "And Where to Begin" (April 13th) and "Done the Deed" (April 16th), I shamelessly let you into my personal struggles to make sense out of something, and share my thoughts with the world. That's what we journalists try to do. Sometimes we do it well; sometimes, not so well. You readers get to be the judges.

I promised that, after it was published in the newspaper for which it was written, I would blog it (in a revised form). I have done that. It is on the blog which I use for ethical and journalistic writing, the one called "Bears Noting." You'll find the story as "Newspapers, R.I.P.??" Should you desire to comment, I'd be pleased to hear from you on either site.

In other news, a cheeky, chattery red squirrel has returned. As with the Dark-eyed Juncos this poses a dilemma. Is the squirrel part of the clean-up committee, or another mouth to feed? Such a deep, existential question is too much for the Bear tonight -- I can bearly get my brain to focus on it.

So, be cool, but stay warm.


Mike said...

I hope you'll note that my blog is now chromed out with a couple new links - and it looks grrreat as fur as I'm concerned...let me know if you want me to put something different in the little info-box that pops up when you hover over the links.

Enjoy your weekend and don't let that little squirrel drive you nuts!

Rob-bear said...

Mike: I came, I saw, I enjoyed. Thanks.