Monday, April 20, 2009


I've been doing some reading and thinking, which is moving my mind in a new direction. So for the next little while, you probably won't see me here. (I'll likely do a bit of reading and commenting, but not a lot.) I'm not running away, I just need some time to reflect and meditate out in my Celtic Grove.

If I don't show up in a week or so, May-B, "Cheerful" Jane, and CJ from Northumberland have my permission to send their respective dogs (Montel, Charlie, and Sparky) to hunt me down.


The Blog Fodder said...

Hope your mind has a good trip. If it wanders too far, can it find its way home by itself?

Reasons said...

Big loud whine Rob-Bear, I just found you again!
Come back soon x

Gutsy Living said...

Enjoy your meditation and reflection time.
Keep visiting.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your sabbatical Rob-Bear, although we'll miss you!

Rob-bear said...

Jane: I think this will be a very busy sabbatical. Thanks.

Sonia: Thanks. I'll stay in touch.

Joanne: Sorry for the whine. I much prefer whine without the "h." Or mead. Or good Scotch.

BF: It may not be able to do so. Which is why I've suggested that May-B and the others might have to send their dogs to find me. (Yeah I know; that would really be going to the dogs, or the dogs coming to me, or something.) Come to think of it, you could send your two along as well. The bunch of you could turn it into a grand party!

French Fancy... said...

My feeling from last week must have spread over here - I just wanted to take a step back from my blog and get on with things that didn't involve sitting hunched over my lap top. How long did I last - a week.

Hope to see you back here very soon

Maternal Tales said...

Oh no! I only just found you... :(( Take a good break and please do come back x