Saturday, July 14, 2012


Good morning (or afternoon, or evening, depending on when you read this).

Sandie, the Chatty Crone, had an interesting bit on her blog about uses for a coffee filter.

My first question, of course, was to know how I could use a filter made out of coffee in my tea pot.

That was also my first mistake of the day.

I've been working on an article for my blog about virtual friends. The people who sign on as "followers" of our blogs.

These are interesting people, rather like "the bright good-morning voice who's heard by never seen," as described by the late Harry Chapin.

Star got me thinking about that, again, today.

You'll have to wait until I'm done in order to read the article.

Congratualations to Laura and Seb on their 20th wedding anniversary. Laura thinks 20 years is a long time. Four children may have added to that feeling. 

She has "Laura's Best Ever" recipes. These are worth noting. Sadly, I cannot find her blog archive, so you'll have to hunt a bit for those treats.

While people in the United States have been struggling because of forest fires, we've been having trouble in Canada too. The situation is so bad that we're getting quite a bit of smoke in our city, which is way south of the fires.

Smoky Sunset
In fact, the smoke was so bad when I was taking pictures last night, that the smoke was catching in my throat. Not fun! 

A lingering question: Why did the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog? A lot of people write about that, but I'm no closer to an explanation.

I was thinking of going to the Farmers' Market, about 8:00 o'clock this morning. But then I ran into a lazy streak. Could not get through it, under it, or over it. I went back to bed.

And, that's the news. I'm Rob-bear.


Gossip_Grl said...

Nice posting and Great Idea on the spotlighting of others blogs! There have been so many forest fires. One in March wiped out a favorite campground (in WV) that we have enjoyed visiting.

Janna said...

The smoky sunset looks beautiful and ominous at the same time.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs in much the same way that an impatient maniacal driver will pass me when he wants to go 80 in a 55 mph zone.
I greatly dislike tailgaters.
Foxes have tails.
There must be some correlation, right?

middle child said...

Funny you should mention fellow bloggers. I was thinking the opposite though. There were two that I commented back and forth with. I felt a special kinship with them. But a comment and following comments from them caused me to quit following. I can't believe I misunderstood them. Sometimes I feel so foolish.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

That sounds like a good article! I never thought about blogging friends as being across the airwaves like radio announcers but that's a really good comparison.

Diana said...

Wow that sunset was really smokey indeed, but the sun itself was really gorgeous Bear!
I wish I could have been lazy this morning but the husband made me go grocery shopping. Me thinks he wants fried chicken for dinner tonight!!
I love the farmers market here but unfortunately the prices are higher than the supermarket so....
Happy Weekend!! Love Di ♥

ReformingGeek said...

Thinking can be dangerous, just like trying to breathe the icky smoke.

Going back to bed sounds like a good idea!

May a great wind blow that smoke away!

Hilary said...

We're so accustomed to hazy sunsets being beautiful, that the smokey sunset also comes across that way, despite the destruction associated with it.

Rob-bear said...

® Gossip_Grl: Thanks for coming by, even though your not related to my friend Welder_Gurl.
Sorry to hear about the fire in West Virginia.

® Janni: Thanks for dropping by!
Dangerous drivers. Yuck!
Foxes have tails, and you and I both have tales. Does that me we are related? Hmmmm.

® MIddle Child: Sorry you had such a bad experience with a couple of bloggers. I always assume that bloggers are nice people, until they prove otherwise. Sadly, a couple you knew have proven just that. That is so miserable!

Rob-bear said...

® KarenG: Interesting thought about the blogging "airwaves." But I think it is true, now that you mention it. Because of the broad-cast nature of both radio and blogging
A hint. I spent a decade reading news in a couple of radio stations. Do you think something might have carried over from that experience?
As I say at the bottom of my blog, "Blogging gives 'freedom of the press' to those who cannot afford a press." Or a licence to operate a radio station.
Thanks, Karen.

The Blog Fodder said...

Near my bedtime here. I didn't realize it was dry enough to burn in northern Sask, what with all the rain.

Love Harry Chapin. Have his Gold Collection, played to death. He will be gone 31 years on Monday

DJan said...

Sometimes I enjoy my blogging friends almost as much as those I meet in person. Plus I get to interact with all of you on my own terms, at my own pace. It's pretty cool, actually. If you ever find out the mystery of the quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dog, please share! :-)

Rob-bear said...

® Diana: OK, you went shopping for the chicken. Let your husband grill it on the bbq. That should be fair.
Yeah, farmers' markets are a touch expensive. We didn't need anything, so going back to bed was no problem.

® ReformingGeek: Thinking is dangerous. Gives me headaches and gets me into trouble. Two good reasons not to do that.
The rain we're supposed to get tonight may help wash things down a bit.

® Hilary: Hazy sunsets close to Lake Ontario. Distinctly I remember. Different experience from smoke.

® The Blog Fodder: The fires are in both Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Alberta. We're getting doubly smoked.
The day Chapin died, I went and bought an album. Played it a lot. Should see if I can get a CD.

® DJan: Chatting with blogging friends on our own terms is good. The important thing is the ongoing conversation, even if later than sooner.
If I discover the tale of the fox, I'll let you know. The only foxes I have seen are red. So, I don't know.

A Lady's Life said...

We went into the interior and it was HOT!
We saw no wild animals this time round except for a rabbit when we got home lol.
The view was always foggy and we were told it is because of forest fires.

Anonymous said...

For whom the bell tolls? Very clever Rob-Bear. Thanks for the visit and heres hoping you get a little rain -Kelly

Irene said...

Rolling over in bed in the morning and going back to sleep is something I wish I could do but seldom manage.You are a lucky man indeed.

Inger said...

After this summer, I wonder if people will accept the global warming warnings. It is very scary to live in fire country right now. So far so good and I appreciated your feedback about the fire breaks -- that they do help.

Chatty Crone said...

I feel guilty but what happened with the coffee filters? Now I never said anything about using them for tea!!

You know there is so much fall out from those fires - things I sure didn't think about. Fire smoke causes my asthma to get worse.

Hope it clears up soon.


betty said...

I do look forward to your article about followers of blogs. I personally don't like the feature but how else can one get the updates on Dashbaord that someone wrote a new entry, so I guess we're "stuck with it". Ick with the fires; I am so familiar with the smoke in the air and the ash that can accumulate on cars. Tough year already for fires so many places.

I hope tomorrow is restful for you all!


Rob-bear said...

® A Lady's Life: I've always though that somewhere like Kamloops or Kelowna might be a good preparation for H**l. (I'm only kidding; but the interior is indeed hot! It is also forest fire county. )

® Gene Pool Diva: Thanks for visiting. You're the second Diva I've met in the blogsphere. Is the blogphere big enough for two divas, Kelly? Who knows.
And we are scheduled to get some more rain tonight and, I believe, through the weekend and as far ahead as Tuesday morning. Promises, promises.

® Irene: Truth is, Irene, I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Strange way to live life, but that's the way it is, when one is a Bear.

® Inger: I can appreciate that life is more than just a bit stressful in fire country. I hope all of you stay safe.

® Chatty Crone: Remember; my question about using a coffee filter in my tea pot was my first mistake of the day.
Maybe the smoke will clear up a bit over the weekend, Sandie. Maybe not. Right now, I can smell it in our apartment.

® That corgi: Thanks for the writing encouragement.
Having been a fire fighter, I am also well acquainted with smoke, and ash, and all that, Betty.
The grandchildren are having a sleepover tonight; tomorrow will be good, I trust.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sounds a normal sort of day. I think the fox had 26 letters after him. And, anyway, the chick was on the other side of the road.

Rob-bear said...

® J Cosmo Newbery: Perhaps that's the answer! The fox jumped over the dog because it was in his path on the way to get to the chick.
Trust you to come up with something like that. A throwback to the curate's life after dark.

That gentleman's lady said...

lazy dog couldnt be bothered to move, bear. i bet he would move for a bear xxx

Rob-bear said...

® That gentleman's lady: Ah, that is a good point.

kj said...

hello mr rob bear, i see that i am arriving late. i got a chance to read your what your followers had to say, which i liked.

Why did the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog?
i am surprised you are asking such a simple question. the dog was blocking the path. there was no other choice since foxes can't fly or dig tunnels. not to mention using time judiciously :^)

i take my time getting to know bloggers even though i am open from the start. i've found political opinions can be surprising and then decisive. i don't say much in that area except i'm not a republican and probably won't ever be :^)

lotta joy said...

I make all kinds of plans. I have the will....then the will decides the couch looks much more inviting.

susan said...

Blogging is a nice way to meet new people and every so often blog friends become real friends - a wonderful result. I do follow a number of blogs and also have a list of followers but I keep both in the background.

I read today that the heat and drought across North America are causing severe problems for farmers. Wheat, corn, and soy crops in the US will be way below normal this year. Rain would be a big help everywhere and not just to quell the fires.

I hope all is well there now.

The Bipolar Diva said...

oh those terrible forest fires. they're just awful!

Rob-bear said...

® kj: Thanks for the insightful thought about the fox and the dog. Did Emily put you up to that?

And, for the record, I think you are a delightfully hospitable blogger. Thanks.

® lotta joy: I've never been much of couch person. But I can get into or on to the bed just about any hour of the day, and go to sleep. I'm sure you and Beau could do that, too, with a little training. Training for you; I'm sure Beau is already trained for that.

® susan: I have never met any of the people with whom I communicate by blog, though there is one friend who has also become a blogger. But I agree that one can met the nicest people in the blogsphere.

Last word I've heard is that parts of North American are going through the hottest year on record. We've been getting a lot of rain for the past few days — a nice change.

® Bipolar Diva: This is one case where "when your hot, your hot" is just not. As in not "hot." So to speak

Blessing and Bear hugs, everyone.

Lydia said...

Your new profile pic is fantastic, Bear!

That smoke is miserable and I urge you to stay out of it as much as possible (except to sneak out for the occasional amazing sunset photo).

I am anxious to read the article you are working on.
A Follower :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Sorry to hear about your fires. This has been a scary year. One of my sons and his family had to evacuate. Fortunately the wind shifted and their home didn't burn. This is the second time in two years they've had to flee like that.

I can answer your question, but you need to have the entire phrase. It's "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog's back". I was in the U.S. Army years ago, and we used that term to make sure all the teletype letter keys worked.

About Last Weekend said...

Good to be back and have a good old catch up. Love your new "human' photo! We once nearly bought an art piece, a kimono made from used coffee filters, its was absolutely beautiful, not sure why we didn't make the purchase....

Arlee Bird said...

A post about followers or comments will usually generate a good bit of discussion. Bloggers seem to love those topics.

Tossing It Out

Lins' lleisio said...

Really interested about your blog on virtual friends, my virtual friend. I shall watch out for it.

Tronster said...

The only reason the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog was to check and see if all the keys on the typewriter worked. That phrase contains all the letters of the alphabet.

Hope this helps. Keep writing.

That Janie Girl said...

I'm trying to blog more because I knew you were going to be spotlighting other's blogs.

Okay, I'm lying. I didn't.

But I did post…what is that, 4 in a week's time? YAY!! Getting back into the swing of things!

LOVE your profile pix! Now I get to SEE you!!

Susan Bodendo/Super Earthling said...

I really enjoyed your post, Rob-Bear! And I always enjoy the wonderful comments you leave on my blog. :)

As for going back to bed—that’s one of the joys of retirement. No one can make you get up at the crack of dawn anymore if you don’t want to!

I’ve been blogging (I’ve had a number of different blogs) since 2004 and have had the pleasure to meet some of the nicest and most talented people online. Sadly, there have also been some unpleasant surprises too, but I guess that’s bound to happen when so many people of different cultures, beliefs and interests converge on the internet.

I’m sorry that you’re plagued with the problem of forest fires in Canada too. So awful and frightening.

Golden Eagle said...

Interesting photograph! Sorry to hear about all the smoke, though.

Thanks for the links to other blogs.

I found a Wikipedia article about the fox-dog statement-- According to it, the phrase contains all the letters in the English alphabet.

Rob-bear said...

® Lydia: Hi there, "A follower." Glad you like the picture. Most of the smoke has cleared out of the air with all the rain we have ben having. A case that it's not always bad to have your "parade" rained on.

® Dona Weaver: Sorry to hear of your son's misadventure with fire. Glad to hear that the whole family was safe.
Teletype keys. Whoa, that a is ancient history. Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick all day and all night. And we though that was pretty fancy.

® About Last Weekend: Glad you survived your French adventure, Jody, and made it back to the blogsphere!
A kimono made of coffee filters! Art you can wear? Hmmmm.

® Arlee Bird and Lins' lleisio: Uh-oh! Suddenly I'm creating expectations. Maybe I need to find a hollow log and hide for a while.
Truth be told, I want to get on with that post within the next week. It's just that things like grandchildren keep intruding.

® Tronster: Say, that's beginning to make sense. I just didn't know the Fox was the type to type. Bear learned something today.

® That Janie Girl: Glad you're back in the blogsphere after your Greek travels.
My goodness! Three days in a row! You've recovered your blog mojo (blogjo?) and you're going for it! Yes!!

® Susan Bodendo - Super Earthling: Hey; thanks for coming by. I think your Super Earthling blog is quite interesting.
As for going back to bed, I think I'll try that, again. I't only 4:30 a.m.; I might get some more sleep. (Note: it is way after sunrise, but, being a Bear, I can sleep just about any time. Including the times when my neighbour is practicing his music, like right now!)

® The Golden Eagle: Glad you liked the photo. I'm trying to get more "intentional" (oooh; isn't that a word) about my photography. I'm getting to the point where a day without taking a photo is becoming a bit of a lost day. Sigh.
And, trust you, to come up with a good logical, technical explanation of the Fox story. (I was aware that the whole thing developed in Michigan during the 1880s as a test for penmanship.)
What I didn't know is that the whole story developed to help the Fox improve the quality of his writing. I didn't even know a Fox could use a pen. But, then, if a Bear can use a computer. . . .

Yup. Time to go back to bed!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Hi Rob, thanks for your kind words, JCN.

Rob-bear said...

® J Cosmo Newbery: Like your poems; I hope to be back regularly.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you are having fires up your way too. It's been a bad year for Colorado. Let's hope we get some good snow this winter!

Julie Magers Soulen Photography

Rob-bear said...

® Julie Magers Soulen: Thanks for coming by and visiting the Bear.
Dry weather in summer has been a real problem; dry humour, not so much.