Sunday, July 1, 2012


It was on July 1, 1867, that the British North America Act turned Canada from a colony to a semi-independent Dominion in the British Empire. It was pretty much the kind of freedom the Americans wanted in the late 1700s, but we didn't have to fight for ours. 

We heard "O Canada" sung in the Oji-Cree dialect this morning at Worship, then all sang it together in English (and some of us a bit in French, since our country has two official languages).

Two little treats, purloined shamelessly from Da Blog Fodder (ex-patriate Canadian living in the Ukraine). 

"Stompin'" Tom Connors with some music for us.

(Two footnotes. Tom includes bits of our National Anthem in his song, then picks up some bits of an old "patriotic song.")

And a delightful, different flag picture. 


Kristy said...

Happy Canada Day

DJan said...

Happy Canada Day, Bear! Oh, I guess I should also say, "eh" to make it official! :-)

chicago foodie girl said...

Happy Canada Day! :-)

Jackie said...

Rob...Happy Canada Day.
We have "O Canada" in our hymnal at our church too.
I hope that your day was a beautiful one.

Chatty Crone said...

I hope you had a GREAT Canada Day Celebration. sandie

Rob-bear said...

Thanks, Kristy, and DJan (eh).

lotta joy said...

DARN IT! Another reason to celebrate and I didn't even send a card!

Anonymous said...

Hope 145 was a great one. Many more Happy Canada Days to come.

Anita said...

One of the many good things about blogging is meeting and befriending so many Canadians and picking up a little history along the way.

Happy Canada Day!

Rob-bear said...

Hey! Something is weird here!

I left notes for foodie girl, and Jackie, and Chatty — and those notes have all disappeared.

This is not good, this is not right.

You know, of course, this will require an investigation!

Detective Inspector Bear is on the case!

Rob-bear said...

® chicago foodie girl: Oh, chicago food is so tasty. Please bring some up for Canada Day, next year.

® Jackie: Had a wonderful day today. Led worship this morning — the last time for a while. Had a sleep in the afternoon. I've been out with Janet shopping and looking around. Even a little time for blogging. Tomorrow, I get to figure out what I do with the rest of my life.

® Chatty Crone: Great Canada day it was. (See my comment to Jackie.)

® lotta joy: Well, since you missed sending me a card for Canada Day, send yourself an Independence Day card for me, will you please? Thanks.

® lgsquirrel: Hello. Number 145 was great. And I look forward to others. When do you have your national celebration?

® Anita: I think these person-to-person contacts can create more international good-will than any trade deals or other treaties.

A Lady's Life said...

Hope you had a great day Rob Bear. :)

potsoc said...

Recalling Canada's language diversity is a great way to celebrate Canada Day. We would not be Canada without diversity and respect for differences. Merci Ours Bienveillant.

ReformingGeek said...

It sounds like you had a great Canada Day! I celebrated by flipping over the calendars around here with "O Canada" going through my head. We heard that song quite a bit during the last Winter Olympics!


Diana said...

What a beautiful flag picture. I like it with the leaves! Hope you had a good day Bear and a great celebration. Love Di ♥

Helen said...

I am a sentimental nut .. O Canada and The Star Spangled Banner make me get all teary! I've been to so many professional hockey games featuring Canadian teams ... I never tire of hearing your anthem. Let's hope you win a few medals in jolly old England.

Talli Roland said...

Happy Canada Day! Oh, I miss being back in the homeland for all the celebrations. Here in London, it passes with a whimper...

Rosaria Williams said...

Always up for some good times! Happy Canada Day, Rob.

The Broad said...

That was a very inspiring rendition of the 'Maple Leaf'. Thanks for posting the link. Hope you had a great day, Bear!

Rob-bear said...

® A Lady's LIfe: I had a wonderful Canada Day. Did you get out and "horse around" a bit?

® potsoc: Canada is a land of many people and many languages. One of the things we can celebrate on Canada Day. Merci, Paul.
Like your new blog, and your travels.

® ReformingGeek: Thanks you for celebrating with us. I probably won't get around to flipping calendars until about Wednesday, which I'll probably be whistling "The Star Spangled Banner."
Which, if I remember the life of Francis Scott Key, it seems the British had a hand in developing.

® Diana: Had a wonderful day, thanks. And a flag made of Maple leaves — how Canadian is that!

® Helen: Aw, that's sweet! I should get you to write a poem about your experience.
As for winning medals, I understand we're facing some very stiff competition. We'll celebrate, whatever!

® Talli Roland: Oh, dear! You sound like a somewhat misplaced Canadian. Who would have thought?
I hope that you, mini TR, and Mr. TR are all well and happy!
Maybe you can inspire a little Canadianism across the pond. Oh, wait; we're the one who are across the pond. Silly ol' Bear.

® rosaria williams: Any reason to party. You're my kinda gal, rosaria. (Are you sure you aren't partly Canadian, eh?)

® The Broad: Delightful to receive greetings from a Broad on Canada Day.

Hilary said...

Fun stuff, Bear. Belated Happy Canada Day to you too. I don't think we look a day over 120. ;)

Rob-bear said...

® Hillary: I keep telling people we're only 103. They keep not believing me. Something about a "matter of public record," or something like that.

Happy Canada Day,

The Blog Fodder said...

I celebrated Canada Day by struggling all day with an on-line application form for a Russian visa to go and see a potential client whom I may fire before it progresses much further(firing clients is a great feeling...sometimes).
July 4 is hotter'n the hubs of hell again or still, I guess.

Golden Eagle said...

I hope you had a great Canada Day!

I love the picture with the red maple leaves.

cheshire wife said...

Belated Happy Canada Day. I like the way that it falls just before American Independence Day.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Ah, that's what Canada Day is. Thanks for the explanation.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. Our own July 4th down here was quiet and peaceful (mostly because fireworks were banned this year due to fire danger).

susan said...

I well remember the Centenary year and never expected then where I'd be by the 145th and just how much I would have seen in the meantime. I hope you enjoyed all the very best of a wonderful national holiday.

Rob-bear said...

® The Blog Fodder: Glad you had an interesting First.
Hope you didn't get fired before you fired the client.

® The Golden Eagle: Thanks!
Hope you had a wonderful Fourth.

® Cheshire Wife: Thanks for the visit.
Waiting to hear about your next adventure!

® Donna K. Weaver: Glad you found the information helpful.
Enjoyed your Eram Bombeck quote! True of us here, too!

® Patricia Stoltey: Glad the fireworks ban didn't ruin your 4th. We had fun, here.

® susan: Things do change in life, including the locations where we live. Glad you're back in Canada for 145. We had a grand time; hope you did, too.

Just Two Chicks said...

Happy late Canada Day!! The celebration sounds much more peaceful than how we celebrate!!

Amanda Summer said...

I would love to hear the Canadian anthem sung in so many languages. I've never heard of the Oji-Cree dialect. Is Oji short for Ojibway?

Rob-bear said...

® Just Two Chicks: Well you see, that's the difference between our countries.
You folks are into "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," as per your Declaration of Independence. We Canadians prefer "peace, order, and good government," as per our original constitution, the British North America Act of 1867.

® Amanda: Ever the clever woman you are! Oji-Cree is a native dialect used extensively in the Northwestern part of Ontario. And you're right about the Ojibway.