Monday, June 20, 2011


Sonia, at Gutsy Writer, challenged us (her readers) to develop a "Life List."
A life list can be a list of things you would like to do, sometime. It can also be a list of things you have done (as in a life list of birds seen). In my case, putting together a life list meant thinking over my life, various experiences, and various hopes, or dreams. It was an interesting review of years, decades.
My list is a bit of the past, and a bit of the future.
I call it: Things Done, and Awaiting.

* Teach myself Welsh, including a visit to Wales. Fortunately, I know some great bloggers in Wales. (They show up in the "Other Thoughts Worth Considering" part of my blog — left margin.)
Fly in a glider
Live passionately — Trying to do that all the time.
Visit Australia — If I can travel that far. I know lots of fair dinkum bloggers there, too.

* Get more fully involved in the life of our city, particularly in the downtown. (I know the city councillor for the area.)
* Visit the Holy Land (Israel and Egypt) — 20 years ago; a great time. I'd go again, but that part of the world is so unsettled, thus unsafe. (We were only stoned once the last time we were there.)
* Have a lot of fun — Been a bit short of that for a while.
* Learn to paint with watercolours.
* Watch birds — That’s the different kind of “life list.”
* Inspire/encourage others — One of the most important things any of us can do
* Live in an Intentional Community — similar (in some ways) to monastic community, but with the option of including married people; participants need to be enthusiastic about life, eager to learn, and eager to serve.

* Buy a motorcycle — Do you know how much a good motorcycle costs? (Hint: more than a car costs.) Dubious about this one.
* Get people together for dinner, and talk about really important things in the world, and how we might become involved.

* Go Whale Watching - Belugas, at Churchill, already; would really like to see Orcas along the British Columbia coast.
* Watch a sunrise or sunset -  We do that lots of days from our apartment — amazing view of sunset over the city.
* Watch a meteor shower - Long ago, when I was in my teens; more since.

* Watch the Aurora Borealis — The shifting colours always amaze me. Often very visible in July or August.
* Climb to the top of the Brock Monument at Queenston Heights, Canada — several times; great view of the battlefield. (We turned back the American invaders there in 1812, but lost our best General — Sir Isaac Brock.)

* Hold a snake — Held garter snakes a couple of times. Almost stepped on a rattlesnake, once. Lived to tell the tale.
* Visit the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa — have done that, maybe would do it again.
* Visit the Lincoln Memorial — In 1990 , my first (and only) trip to Washington, D.C. (I've been to other parts of the U.S.)
* Visit the Great Wall of China
* Visit Paris - On our way back from the middle east; only one evening, sadly — would be nice to go again, for a week or two. (I'd like to have Genie, and Holly, and M as tour guides.)
* Have my own business — Been there; done that; have the scars. Not an undertaking for the faint of heart.

* Get back to riding my bicycle.
* Sit by a camp fire with friends and sing songs — would love to do this again — and talk about interesting/important things.
* Fly in Hot Air Balloon — Did that a few years ago.
* Take a martial arts class - Have always wanted to study Ken-Do. Now I’m probably a little old for that.
* Start my own blog - several, actually
* Sleep under the stars -  as long as it doesn't rain and the mosquitoes aren't around.
* Slept on an overnight train - Heading down towards Aswan, Egypt, and towards Churchill, Canada.
* Serve in a soup kitchen — during  my teens, in Toronto.
* Contribute to a Food Bank — regularly
* See Niagara Falls, Canada and US — Several times, might do it again
* Go to a play at the Shaw Festival, Niagara on the Lake, Canada — done it already, would love to do it again.
* See a total eclipse of sun or moon - Several times, for both.
* Save a favourite childhood toy - my Teddy Bear (from my first Christmas, in 1945). Must post a picture, sometime
* Sit on a jury — Sadly, this won’t happen. Because I’m pastor, I cannot serve; likewise, because I’m a journalist. But I’ve sat through a number of trials as a reporter. Boring, mostly. Not at all like what one sees on tv or in the movies.
* Read the entire Bible — again
* Publish a book - My memoirs, perhaps
* Kiss in the rain — Married for almost 42 years; what do you think?
* Join a book club - Did in the past; we didn’t meet often enough to keep up my interest. But maybe this year.
* Hold a praying mantis - When I was growing up. Beautiful creatures.
* Have my portrait done - Expo 86, Vancouver, Canada (picture using coloured pencils). I still have it.
* Have my picture in the newspaper - Several times.
* Have enough money to be truly satisfied - just about all the time

* Grow my own vegetables - Done that before; might try again. We’ve got a herb garden on our apartment balcony, but it’s mostly J’s project this year.
* Go to a drive-in theatre - Done that.
* Go sky diving - A bit ambivalent; one never knows.
* Go skinny dipping - Oh yeah.
* Go scuba diving or snorkelling — A bit of very shallow snorkelling when I was younger; would like to try scuba gear.
* Go rock climbing — In the Canadian Rockies; I'm getting a bit (something) for that kind of activity.
* Fly in a helicopter — Years ago.

* Fly in a single engined plane — With my dad, and mom, when I was very small. (Dad used to have a commercial pilot's licence, number 101.)
* Donate blood - Used too; taking too many meds now (sadly). Donating blood is an important way of contributing to community.
* Climb a mountain - Again in the Rockies.

* Build a snow fort - I live in Canada; what else can I say? But I have yet to build an igloo.
* Buy a brand new car - We have, but we're really a used car kind of family. 

* Ride on a motorcycle - Several times. Which is why I would like to own one, though that isn’t likely to happen.
* Go on a cruise - As an educational project; up the “inside passage” from Vancouver to Alaska, or across Canada's North West Passage.
 * Be in a movie - Hosted an educational video, actually. I’ve also produced a couple of movies, one of which won an international award. (Blush!)
* Take better pictures — Taken lots, but I want to take BETTER pictures.

That seems like about enough. More, later (perhaps).


The Bipolar Diva said...

I LOVED this list. It certainly made me think about my life. And the motorcycle, I don't think you need my input for that one......Like Nike.....Just DO It!

The Blog Fodder said...

Very good list. Maybe I should do that. Sounds like a plan for a future blog.
Bronwyn and Wade started a Reverse Bucket List of things they had no intention of EVER doing before they die.
I could make one of those. NEVER going to India is on my list too. They worship cows; they don't eat them.

Wendy said...

Hey, just so you know, it's a GREAT time to go whale watching in Oz - and you could read the Bible on the plane :o)

Rubye Jack said...

I like the bicycle one--I'd love to have a really nice bike and ride everyday. I used to and it is such a spiritual trip and great exercise.
Nice list!

Amanda Summer said...

great list, r-bear — and of all the items on it, i completely relate most of all to #3 - the foundation for the rest ;-)

ain't for city gals said...

This makes me think a bit...honestly don't even know what I would put on my life list...but I am glad to see several really good things on pasionately...have a lot of fun...inspire...encourage others...not too sure about the motorcycle thing...take care..

Murr Brewster said...

If I had a life list this long, I'd intimidate myself. (Well, I'm pretty scary.)

If it helps, the Bible is mostly filler. You're welcome!

Posie said...

Wow what an impressive list....and what a colourful list, very inspiring...

Diana said...

That really was an awesome list Bear. I think if we sit down and actually think about the things that we've already done, we'd be surprised.
There are many things that I'd still like to do just like you as well!
Great list. Love Di ♥

Tess Kincaid said...

This was fun!

Rob-bear said...

® Diva: Glad you enjoyed reading the list. As for the motorcycle, when I have enough money, you'll be the first to know. What are your consulting fees on motorcycle purchases?

® Blog Fodder: Future blog, you say. I can see the potential in that. Thanks.
And have fun making your list.

® Wendy: When I'm rich enough, I'll fly to Oz for a few weeks, or months. Thanks for the invite.

® Linda: Glad you enjoyed the list. I'm working my way up to cycling. But in the downtown part of the city, it can be a risky affair. Especially when cyclists get no respect from car drivers.

® Amanda: That's why #3 is close to the top. Glad you looked through the list.

Rob-bear said...

® afcg: Glad you came by. The items you've highlighted are they keys; the list is not ordered by relative value. I just put down what came to mind.

® Murr: You seem about as intimidating as a kitten waiting to have its belly rubbed.
Thanks for the shared wisdom. I'll make sure to fill up on the Bible.

® Posie: Glad you liked the list. When do we get to see yours?

® Diana: Glad you thought the list was awesome. But I'm sure you could some up with something equally interesting. Just try.

® Tess: Fun to write; fun to read. Maybe something like that could earn people an invite to this year's Willow Ball. (I'm assuming there will be one — right?)

About Last Weekend said...

Hi there, oops this is the third time I've re-checked your list and come back to comment - there is a lot of food for thought there... Plus I thought I'd already comments days ago and obviously hadn't - need to put memory exercises on my list! Love your list - can I loan it? Also like that you have done many of these things. I didn't realise that being a journalist - and pastor - will excuse you from jury duty. (Plus am very impressed you produced a film, but can't seem to click into the link...)

Sylvia Ney said...

Great list! It's a wonderful idea for everyone to do this. On those down days when things just aren't good, we can look back and see just how much we've done!

Golden Eagle said...

That's an impressive list!

I'd love to visit the Great Wall of China. It's such an amazing structure.

I like the idea of setting up a "Life List"--I'll have to try writing one up sometime.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Bear, I would be very happy to be your guide through Paris as would Holly and Marie... alons-y!

Seriously, you have given us quite a list and I need to do some work on my own life-list. I have never been in a hot-air balloon and that would be great fun


Rob-bear said...

® ALD: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jodi.
Loan it to you? Help yourself. Just remember the note in the sidebar: "There is NO copyright on anything here. I write for people to read, consider, and share."
Sadly, the movie was long ago and far away. But it was "interesting" during the process.

® Sylvia: Looking back and seeing how much we have done. That's great! Sometimes we might surprise ourselves. "You mean I did all that? Wow!" Thanks.

® Eagle: Thanks. Probaby a good thing to try. You can't fail; just keep working until it feels right.

Rob-bear said...

® Genie: I would so like to get your tour of Paris. Thanks for the offer. Alons-y, vraiment! C'est formidable.
I'd love to give you a tour of the Great White North, or, um, the Great Green North (at this time of year). When was the last time you were up here?
Hot air balloon; much fun. Just take your bottle of Champagne, to treat any unhappy farmer in whose field you land. (That's a custom I learned.)
Bises from the Bear.