Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Probing. Inquisitive. Thoughtful.

The doctor's hands run over my abdomen, checking here and there. He wants to know the source of my pain. When he knows the source, he can likely identify the cause. 

But he is uncertain. He has an idea, but the pieces don't seem to fit.

We discuss the options, the possibilities. Neither of us is satisfied.

Probing. Inquisitive. Thoughtful.

The journalist is less than satisfied with the answer he has received in the interview. It doesn't make sense. It almost seems dishonest.

He has never trusted this kind, with their slippery answers, seeping out like rancid oil. Like vultures, they make their living on the misfortune of others, others who have shrivelled up as their will to work, and to live, has flowed out of them, now they have lost everything.

Like the doctor, I keep probing, trying to find the answers.

But, again, the pieces don't seem to fit. I have to leave it at that.


Also brought to you by the letter P:
• pewter
• pesky
• platypus
• palliative
• provinçal

And from the New Phonetic Alphabet: P for whistle.


Natalie said...

I don't like their slipperyness either. :(
Sending love.♥

About Last Weekend said...

Hope you find out the source of the pain! Love the word pesky and use quite often. Don't know the meaning of the longer ones and will go now and find out.

Rob-bear said...

® Natalie: Sigh. The bigger problem is that they, somehow, keep getting re-elected. My son says, "Don't vote; it only encourages them."

® About Last Weekend: Most of the pain comes from old injuries which are making themselves felt, again. They are pretty pesky, if I may say. Glad to help you expand your vocabulary, Jodi.

Frances said...

Push, pull, pal, pin, pen, proper, probably, perfect.

Power to the people.

Paint, print, polish.

Pool, pull, pill, pack, peck, pick, pock, puck.

Bear, it seems that I am inspired by the letter p. Physician? You tell me.