Sunday, March 6, 2011

* * * (cannot be translated)

Grontf . . . snork . . . shuffle, yawn . . . streeeeeeeeeetch.

OK; who turned on the light in my den?
Oh, wait. That's not a light; that's the sun! 
It's glistening on the snow.
Ooooohh! Bright! I need sun glasses.

Maybe I should find Sadie and figure out that's happening here. I'll have to turn around and look the other way.

Ah; that's better! Things seem to be about right.
Sadie! Hmmmm. Saaaaaaaaadie!

Ah, here she comes. I can hear her coming. Now I'll find out what's happening.

Ooooohh, have I ever got a headache! Maybe I overslept.


The Blog Fodder said...

Welcome to spring.

Natalie said...

ooooh! Sunshine! If you put your sunnies on, you will look like the Aussie Bundy Bear!

Elisabeth said...

Bear and Sadie, what a wonderful combination. Pleased to meet you both from here down under in Australia.

Miss Sadie said...

® BF: At -25°C, this is definitely NOT spring. I don't care what you're getting in the Ukraine! My garden is still under two feet of snow.

® Natsy: Right. Put my sunnies on — then slip on shirt, slap on a hat, and slop on some 50 SPF sunscreen — and relocate to Toronto, or Swansea, or Watangan National Park. Reckon!

® Elizabeth: Welcome to my blog, strange critters and all. Today, you're third in line, not Sixth. Seems I've got quite a few mates from OZ. If I weren't here, I'd probably be there. Keep it in the Commonwealth! (And you're a great writer — Old Eggs, yogut, and transparency, indeed.)

Unknown said...

LOL Rob-Bear!

Jean said...

With all that snow around, I think I would go back to sleep !!

potsoc said...

-8C, snow and blowing snow here, some 10cm already down some more to come. If this is spring, bring me back winter.

Laura said...

We've still got tons of snow here too but-the sun is shinning and I guess that's fun...... right?

It's supposed to be +5-10 by the weekend and raining. Yay!!!!


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Dear Bear, I do not think that you have overslept... It still looks cold and by the calendar it is not yet spring... Even when the calendar turns the page your weather will not feel like spring for some time. Have a snack (okay a large snack) and get back under the covers... I think that Miss Sadie will watch over you and let you know when it is safe to venture out.


Helen said...

Rob Bear ... come out, come out .. wherever you are!

Amanda Summer said...

i often wondered what the sunlight does to a bear upon emerging from its den all winter. how do the eyes adjust so rapidly?

poor bear. maybe wear a pair of shades for a couple of days? hopefully the sun will warm your spirits♡

Tess Kincaid said...

Ours has finally turned into spring rain.

Gutsy Living said...

Does Sadie take herself for a walk these days?
You need to move to a warmer climate like Belize. What do you think?

Miss Sadie said...

® Jane: Glad to keep you entertained, Miss.

® Jean: Bear has, indeed, gone back to sleep. Which is why I'm handling his correspondence. More on that in a bit.

® potsoc: I'm not deceived; it's still winter at your place.

® Laura: Sunshine is a good thing; rain gets a more nuanced response. Much more nuanced!

Miss Sadie said...

® Genie: Bear's thinking, exactly. Which explains why he's not here.

® Helen: I'm sorry; Bear cannot hear you. He'll come out when he's ready.

® amanda: Bear's eyes take a while to adjust to the light. First, he comes out of his den slowly. Very slowly. Then he makes facial contortions for a while. Then he finally settles down and starts seeing things. And the words to Natalie notwithstanding, he's not a shady character.

Miss Sadie said...

® Nancy: And welcome back to you, too.

® Tess: Condolences on the rain; hope it doesn't turn to flooding.

® Gutsy Sonia: I don't get to walk regularly in this weather. If I went to a place like Belize, I'd need many more haircuts, in order to keep me cool. I find it easier to stay warm in winter than cool down in summer.