Sunday, March 13, 2011


Couldn't sleep much longer. Too bright; too warm. Winter is waning.

Had to give my head a shake several times, and try to figure things out. And make sure I don't open my eyes too wide, too quickly.

OK. First things first.

No Sadie. That's a bit of a shock. She's got a new home, and she's happy there. The first night, she waited for me to come pick her up, and bring her here. But she was finally coaxed indoors, where she found her old bed, climbed in, and slept soundly. Very soundly. All downhill from here, as she frolics with her sister, Willow. (Unless the coyotes get her.) Banish that thought.

Also walked right into the middle of a moving process. As in decamping here, and moving to a spot with a clear overview of our city's downtown area. Strange; what's the difference among overlook, oversight, and overview? Can any of you literate bloggers provide some differentiation about the meanings of words which seem so similar.

Speaking of which, a word of appreciation to the Editorial Committee, which looked after things between Sadie's departure and my return.

Now that I'm up, I should try to get myself looking presentable; please Bear with me in that.


Elisabeth said...

Out of hibernation at last. It's good to see you Rob Bear. I think my previous encounter was with Sadie.

Maggie Christie said...

Welcome back Bear!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to visualize what it means to have to leave "one of us" behind. It hurts my heart to think of it from either your viewpoint or Sadie's. Beau and I had just gotten to know her, and Beau found it liberating to tell Sadie his innermost secrets.

I wish you could include photos of your exodis and arrival.

I was hoping Florida would ease my pains, but they have gotten extremely more painful and the Physician's Assistant here is not licensed to dispense the medication I've grown to depend on.

Hopefully the day will soon arrive when I can leave this house and realize I'm not in Indiana anymore. If a person can't get OUT of their house, it matters not if it's in Indiana or Florida!

Well Bear, as you are probably now aware...there is still much work ahead of me for a few days at least, trying to integrate my Indiana junk into the Florida home.

You and I can only hope this giant move (upheaval) will truly prove to be the right move for both of us.

Unknown said...

Here's wishing Miss Sadie will be eternally happy in her new home and the coyotes will forever go away. I think you'll find oversight to be quite different from overview and overlook Bear, just saying. Luck on your new digs too.

Frances said...

Welcome back!

I am glad that Sadie is able to make her transition, and is already frolicking.

Don't you try to frolic too quickly...maybe just start with some stretching?


Tess Kincaid said...

I love Miss Sadie's sister's name!

Tattieweasle said...

Welcome back Bear to all things new and bright in the springtime!

potsoc said...

Having an overview of the city is very nice and less hassle than overlooking it or having oversight on the goings on.
Be happy were you are.

Diana said...

Ah Bear just think of all of the fun frolicking and foraging you will have this spring!
I wish all of the best for Miss Sadie.
Love Di ♥

Rob-bear said...

® Eliazbeth: I'm glad to be up and active. Miss Sadie, who has moved to a new home, did a good job of looking after my correspondence while I was hibernating.

® PM: It's great to be back, Mags.

® Dana: Sorry you aren't getting the care you need. That is very disturbing.
Sorry, no photos. When I come to, after hibernating, my camera is not the first thing on my mind.
Sadie truly enjoyed writing to Beau and getting letters from him. I may be able to get his letters to Miss Sadie at her new home, if Beau wants to write.

Rob-bear said...

® Jane: I think Dugan and Willow have already warned Sadie about the coyotes. There are deer down there as well. (Dugan may have killed one; maybe the coyotes did that.) I'll let you know more about our new home when we get moved in.

® Frances: Sadie is frolicking, and I am stretching. I am also hungry. Very hungry.

® Tess: You like Sadie's sister's name? I would never have guessed! ;)

Rob-bear said...

® TW: Glad to be back "to all things new and bright," Tattie. (Though I cannot say I'm thrilled about the reports from Japan.) Looking forward to reading of your adventures, as well as those of your lads, and your Wonderfully Wicked Whippets. (Well, maybe "thoroughly" instead of "wonderfully.")

® potsoc: Thank you for the explanation of the words. I'm a bit slow in replying. I'm not overlooking you; it was a simple oversight on my part. I think we'll be happy in our new home.

® Diana: I'm a bit "antique" for frolicking, and way too stiff right now. However, I am busy foraging, and am looking forward to a good, thought perhaps a bit slower, year.

ain't for city gals said...

wow...lots of changes! wishing all the best for you

Laura said...

So sorry to hear that Sadie had to go to a new home but-I'm sure she will adjust well and be happy. :) It sounds like a great place.
All the best to you as well. It's never easy moving.


Rob-bear said...

® afcg: Thanks for the best wishes. I need all the help I can get.

® Laura: Thanks for the support. As a Bear, I enjoy all the hugs I can get.