Monday, February 28, 2011

DEWI SANT CYMRU (St. David of Wales)

March 1st. The Feast Day of St. David, Patron Saint of Wales.  Shw mae? Sadie 'dw i. This is Sadie reporting.

I'm doing this for Bear (you realize), because he would do it himself, were he here.

(But he's hibernating, so. . . .)

For him, this is family — on his human side. More particularly, his mother's side of the family.

The oral history of the family is that it originated in Wales. (The documented history starts on the south side of the Bristol Channel, just across from Wales, and spreads from there.)

Bear would regale you with Welsh lore, were he here. Stories of King Arthur, of the Celtic Saints, and so much more. I'll let him do it another year. 

To celebrate the occasion, some Daffodils, the national flower of Wales. 

These are not from our garden. It's under two feet of snow. But fresh from the store, are these.

So, if you're celebrating, Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus! (Happy St. David's Day!)


Natalie said...

OOOh! They are chirpy aren't they Miss S.? Very noice.

The Blog Fodder said...

Do did you take a leak in his hat? Or is it wear a leek in his hat? I forget which.

Unknown said...

We're about to be celebrating St. Patrick's Day here in America and it's huge! Love the forced daffodils.

Amanda Summer said...

i didn't know this about march 1st so i'm excited to learn the history of this date - something fun to look forward to celebrating every year! so interesting to learn this about bear's background, miss sadie, thank you for reporting this family heritage. i've visited wales and it's a beautiful country with lovely people - many who possess great singing voices. perhaps bear is one of them?

Miss Sadie said...

® Natalie: Noice, indeed. Thanks.

® BF: Wear a leek in his helmet. The other is the sign his brain is oozing out of his head.

® Amanda: Glad to provide interesting heritage information. Bear loves to sing, and has sung in choirs. Also plays five-stringed banjo, and writes songs.

Miss Sadie said...

® Jane: Ah, yes; the Irish version of Dewi Sant. Green beer, anyone?

potsoc said...

Too bad the Bear was sleeping. He could have had some fun celebrating.
As he would say: dommage.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Sorry to be so late here, Miss Sadie... I wish that Bear was here to tell us the stories although your telling was just fine. I would love to hear him sing and play the 5-stringed banjo... wonderful!

Happy March 1, Feast of St. David!


Miss Sadie said...

® Paul: Oui, C'est vrai. But he's a tired old Bear, so what can we do?

® Genie: Thanks for joining in the celebration. A quick question: When what the last time you heard a Bear sing? (I'll leave it at that.)

Gutsy Living said...

So Miss Sadie bought the daffodils since Bear was sleeping? She's amazing!

Laura said...

Spending many of my childhood summers in Northern Ontario, I met up with lots of brown bears. Our entertainment was going to the dump and watching them sift through garbage.
A daffodil loving bear? Hmmmm... this I've got to see. :P


Miss Sadie said...

® Sonia: I'm as much a "flower child" as is the Bear.

® Laura: Actually, those were Black Bears (whose coats can be anywhere from jet black, to chocolate, to cinnamon red). Brown Bears, like the Gizzly, don't live that far east in Canada.

Where in Northern Ontario, btw?

Laura said...

Alright so, you were right! They were black. (damn I hate smart dogs.)

I was up in a small town called White River.