Monday, September 20, 2010

PHOTO DU JOUR/Picture of the Day

Family/La famille

It seems like our home is getting more like the Bonkers' house, inhabited by Exmoorjane and all.

So today's picture is of me, instead of by me. It's by our son, T. This wasn't the plan for this series, but sometimes you've just "gotta go with the flow."

This was taken at the family birthday party last night, which was held to celebrate my birthday (last Friday) and that of our thirtysomething daughter, M  (this coming Saturday).

The two youngsters featured are our grandchildren, the son and daughter of T and his wife, A.

And the birthday cake? Made by T for the occasion. A Bear cake for an ol' Bear. What more could I want?


Lee said...

Most fitting and proper. Happy birthday, albeit belated!

Wendy said...

I love the expressions of joy on all of your faces - just wonderful.

potsoc said...

It bears looking at and rejoycing with you all.

comebacknikki said...

Great photo! Happy belated birthday! :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

I love that photo! And it's great to put a face to the name!

Jean said...

A great photo !! It's also good to put a face to all the words. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. (Love the cake!!)

The Blog Fodder said...

Cool. At long last a picture of the Reverend Mr. Bear. You look very happy, my friend, and why not with a wonderful family around you and a Pooh Bear Cake!!

Anonymous said...

I knew it. I just KNEW it! All this time....(years?) asking for a photo of you and you hid behind every rock in Canada to avoid it.

And here you are for all to see.

Color me happy to be in love with my Canadian huggy-bear!

(don't tell Dah Blog Fodder) I've promised myself to him...eventually.

Amanda Summer said...

hey - happy birthday r-bear!! it's great to see a foto of you and your granddkids all looking rightfully joyful -- bear hugs all around xxoo♡

Natalie said...

Beautiful pic. I am wondering why it was a Pooh type bear? Have you been grumpy? hee,hee.

Rob-bear said...

® Lee: Thanks. And never too late.

® Wendy: It was a grand time.

® potsoc: Does Bear looking at. Thanks for rejoicing with us in our celeration.

® comebacknikki: Thanks for visiting. We had a great time.

® Diva: You mean the photo didn't wreck your computer? Tough computer. Thanks.

® Jean: Grand time, thanks. Sorry, but cake's all gone.

® BF: Happy day indeed.

® Dana: So, I take it you're satisfied. Good.
And which would you prefer, a cuddly Bear or an ornery Jackass? (You don't have to answer that.)

® amanda: Bear hugs all around, indeed! Grand time. Even at 65.

® Natalie: Not grumpy at all. Just like that other Important Canadian Bear, Winnie (thought I'm not nearly as famous). As Winnie said, though,"I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words bother me."

Jackie said...

Yea!! How happy you all look!
Happy birthday (and from what I am reading on the cake, you are in the prime of your life...)
Winnie the Pooh cake, Breyers ice cream, Coca Cola and you with your grandchildren.... Life is grand!!!
Happy happy birthday Rob-bear.
Smiles from Jackie

Rob-bear said...

® Teacher's Pet: Yeah; and you noticed all the details too. I'm impressed, Jackie!
"Prime of life"? Hmmmm. Would probably be the case, if it weren't for these disabilities making me a somewhat sub-prime Bear. (Is that anything like a sub-prime mortgage?)
I'm Bearing up, though, and am planning to have as much fun as I can.

Anonymous said...

Bear, where my preferences are concerned, as I used to say while working the nightshift in the redlight district: take a number; take a seat.

Bear or jackass, I don't care. lol

Anonymous said...

Joyeux Anniveraire! I'm sorry I'm late wishing you all the best.

Rob-bear said...

® dana: Good approach to life in the red light zone. I could imagine you would have a lot of people "stopping" by. And a jackass would prove un-Bear-able.

® Dedine: Merci, beaucoup.