Thursday, September 9, 2010


After some very "vigorous" discussion, accompanied by wailing, growling, and gnashing of teeth, The Editorial Committee has agreed that Bear is sufficiently "rehabilitated" as to resume blogging.

Bear, to ease his way back into this without causing too much stress (for himself or others), is to publish the odd, light-heated post, to begin with. However, considering that most of Bear's posts are odd (at least a bit), the Committee is not sure where this will lead.

Thank you for your patience and concern in this matter.

~ The Editorial Committee.

P.S.: It's raining again/still today, and Bear is about as gloomy as Eeyore. The Committee has suggested this may not be the best day for Bear to return to blogging.


Rosaria Williams said...

I think you should fire the Editorial Committee. You've earned the title of Chairman of the Board for a good reason; who needs an Editorial Committee anyway? Now, a spouse, on the other hand, is somebody to pay attention to.

French Fancy... said...

Oh dear, has the bear been a bit unwell lately. I do hope the old problem has not recurred - the big black dog syndrome.

Wishing you back to full health.

Rosaria Williams said...

p.s. Welcome Back! And just in time with the crazies in Florida wanting to burn holy books, the displaced anger unmanaged waving any flag they can find, and the rest of us tired and broke who just want the whole mess to end, it's time the Bear spoke his wise thoughts again.

As for me, I was wondering why you were hybernating through summer.

Rosaria Williams said...

p.p.s. Have you seen Megan McCain's interview with Rachel Maddow? Megan is branding herself as a sane, middle of the road Republican to offset what Palin is concocting. Who said the kids of rich folks can't think?

The Blog Fodder said...

the odd, light-heated post

As in half-baked? You gone Teabagger on us?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I'm sooo glad!!!!! Good to have my favorite bear back!!!! And by the way, Eeyore is one of my faves!!!! So the editorial board need not worry!!! Hugs...bear hugs from Janine

Rob-bear said...

® lakeviewer: As I've explained to Lee, the Editorial Committee protects me from me. At least, that's one of its jobs. And I wasn't hibernating. This Megan sounds interesting; I should check her out.

® FF in Kent: Indeed, the black dog (not Miss Sadie, the other one) has been back, with several unseemly "fellow-travellers."

I think it's time I bloged a bit about depression, and how much it hurts.

® No, BF: Not "half baked," just "light-hearted." And NOT light-headed, either! Sheesh. Are you always so easily confused?

And I'm not a teabagger. I put a tea bag in a pot of boiling water once or twice a day. Which is what one should do with ANY tea bag.

® Janine: Thanks for the welcome. I'm still a bit grumpy and tired, but I am back.

® All of you: Bear hugs from the peculiar Canadian Bear. See you anon.

ain't for city gals said...

I am glad you are back..surely you can think of one joyful blog a week? Like the flowers smell good..the rain is wet...the sun is shining....the moon is up..?

Wendy said...

The Editorial Committee is most gracious in their overseeing of the bear and his seemingly conflicting needs in regards to health and blogging. Looking forward to the bears permanent return.

Jean said...

I am just catching up on my favourite blogs after my holiday and am sorry to hear you have been out of sorts.
I am glad to hear you are getting better.

P.S. did I read somewhere that the "black dog" expression came originally from Winston Churchill who also owned a standard poodle ? I might have dreamed that one, or got my stories mixed up.
(This is what happens when you get older and only hear bits of Radio 4 programmes on the way to or from work.)

Lee said...

Remember, a camel is a horse that was designed by a committee. Sack them all.

Unknown said...

You have the right to be grumpy and tired Bear, so don't apologize. And welcome back!

Amanda Summer said...

a rainy and gloomy day is when bears like to hibernate, so no worries my friend. glad to see you are back to blogging!! xo

Amanda Summer said...

a rainy and gloomy day is when bears like to hibernate, so no worries my friend. glad to see you are back to blogging!! xo