Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last week, I gave you my first "Health and Fitness Tip." Summer is drawing to close, what better time to focus on being healthy and shapely? So the Bear is sharing the second lesson in the program.

1. Cradle your 15 pound dog in your arms, in front of you. (Dogs are now too big to hold in a single arm).

2. With feet shoulder-width apart (or slightly wider), and back straight, slowly bend your knees until you're in a kind of squatting position. (Don't go down too far -- you may not be able to get back up.)

3. Raise yourself to a full standing position. Do this several times a day.

Excellent cardio workout; ideal for flattening the tummy.

Recommended by the dynamic duo of Nuala and Sadie (who get to alternate).

Danger: do not attempt this until you have successfully completed lesson one, and survived. If you've waited too long to start lesson one, forget this program. Lesson one is only for people who have gone to the
small dogs.


Reasons said...

Mind your back Rob-Bear! Be careful they don't wriggle.

Natalie said...

You are a braver man than me, Gungadin! Hope the girls are settling in well.xx♥

Annie said...

Hehehe this reminds me of a tale my dad used to say...If a farmer lifted his new born calf and did so every day he wouldn't notice it getting heavier and would be able to lift it when it was a fully grown cow! Do let me know how you get on :-)

Tattieweasle said...

Make sure you're bending your knees right! They DO look lovely but they seem to be getting really big fast - I mean by week ten of the training just how big do you think they will be or by that time will they be carrying you?

CAMILLA said...

Don't do yourself an injury Rob-bear, look after that back of your's.

Jenny Holden said...

Ha haa, I'd love to see you do this with my male border collie! My little bitch Whisper would love the attention, but she's rather on the big side too!

Rob-bear said...

Thank you, friends about your thoughts (particularly your concern for my back, Reasons and Camilla).

® Wipso: love the story about the farmer -- probably true!

® Tattie: we'll see what things are like in week ten. I'll let you know.

® Jenny: thanks for the visit. And just how much does Whisper weigh? Our last SP, Sarah, was 35 pounds, and I was able to haul her around, if I really had to do so (which, occasionally, I did). Bear is not the weakling some might think.

® BTW Reasons, how is your dog-lifting program coming along?

Jo ~ said...

hey, sounds like a good workout to me! I don't have any dogs, or a cat anymore; the teen took it back to her Daddy's.

Snowbrush said...

I find this to be really great exercise, partly because my dog writhes and bites whenever she is picked up even once, so for me to squat and stand, squat and stand, over and over makes her positively livid. Her outrage also has the advantage of forcing me to exercise in more than one direction (as opposed to a simple up and down) because I am forced to match her every move, only a wee bit ahead of her, so as to avoid being bitten. I do worry that it could strain my relationship with her as she has gotten to where she never gets over being mad after one exercise session before I start another one. Oh, well, one can't expect everything good to come together all at once, I suppose.