Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am thinking tonight about a whole group of blogging friends. I know that we all face challenges. Some are much larger than others. It's yours that I'm thinking about.

• Serious health problems -- yours and/or your family's.
• Unemployment.
• Having to move.
• Uncertain future.
• Lack of health insurance.
• Etc., etc., etc.

You know who you are. You tell us about yourselves, and the challenges in your lives.

So, a little something for people going through particularly tough times right now.

No, it's not a "blog award." Awards you usually get for doing something. This is just for being -- being who you are, especially in the face of the "stuff" in your lives. (There's another "s" word that you can mentally use in place of "stuff," if you'd like.)

Anyhow, you know who you are. So this is for you. Help yourself. Put it on your blog, store it on your desktop; whatever. Pass it on to someone else, if you think it would be appreciated.

I don't know where this came from, so I cannot give credit (though I wish I could, and would if I could).

Blessings and courage in a difficult time.


Rob-bear said...

For this entry, I'm not posting any comments. I'm not sure why, I just feel comfortable doing it this time. For those of you who do send me a note, thank you.

Annie said...

My motto for times like that is..."Behind every black cloud the sun is shining" and I've certainly had my share of black clouds. I'm lucky enough to say that at the mo my sun is shining and I'm making the best of it but who knows what around the next corner. Love to all who need extra comfort right now. A x

French Fancy... said...

Hello Rob - I like the picture and will use it for the post I am about to draft.

Keep loving those puppies now


Calico Kate said...

That is a beautiful, thoughtful, post Rob-Bear and being one of 'those' folks I wanted to say I appreciate it.

Rob-bear said...

OK, I wasn't paying attention, and some comments were posted. I think I may have missed one or two as well. Thanks to everyone for this.