Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's been about a week and a half since Nuala and Sadie arrived at our place. And it has been a busy time. The biggest challenge has been to work out with them their eat-sleep-play-potty cycle. They've been pretty good at teaching us; we still have a few "accidents," but not many.

They still don't know how to relax in each other's company. The minute they are together, they're "roughing around." As in "play fighting." Which is why we can't all be together as often as we want. I trust they'll get over that stage.

Our next door neighbour saw Sadie again yesterday, the first time since their introduction. C. was saying how much Sadie had grown. We don't notice the growth that much, because we see them all the time. (But I remember our daughter-in-law's dog, and how much it grew from week to week.) In that regard, Sadie is certainly heavier than Nuala, and I'm sure she has gained weight. At this point, Nuala is slightly taller than Sadie.

They both like to sleep (often on our beds). They like to play with their toys -- both inside and outside. We have a natural amphitheatre at the far end of the back of the year (where our lot slopes down towards the river). While they like to run up and down the hills, they often roll down -- simply because they're still not all that steady on their little legs.

One other thing. They really like to help in the garden.

But perhaps "help" isn't exactly the word I'm seeking.

I'll have more in due course.

Oh, you're wondering how we are doing? Exhausted!


French Fancy... said...

Puppy love - sorry, couldn't resist. We have two female dogs - one a rescue bichon with us for four years now, the other a pedigree bichon that we've had since she was eight weeks old.They're both six this year and still play-fight, sometimes in jest and sometimes quite seriously. One of them has allergies and has to wear an elizabethan collar all the time - she charges the other one using her collar like armour.

I wish you much joy with your puppies - I much prefer dogs to children, hence no kids just two dogs

Rob-bear said...

We have two (thirtysomething) children, two grandchildren (5 and 3), and two dogs (well, puppies). Love them all. And all of them can drive me crazy, because I love them.

Thanks for the thought; I enjoy the puppies.

Annie said...

Aw love them. Puppies are so much fun. I'm wondering if we will end up with 3 grand children [one at the mo and another one the way] cos we have 3 "children" [now 21, 24 and 25 so not really children ] and, as you know, 3 dogs. We still have moments of madness with each and every one because, like you, we love them all.

Frances said...

Sadie and Nuala surely do know how to have fun, and how to bring fun to others! How wonderful that you do have a lot of outdoor space for their playtimes.

No wonder you are are exhausted! Best wishes.

pinkfairygran said...

You just know, from the photos, that these two spell Trouble. Rather you than me..

Rob-bear said...

Thanks to all of you for visiting and replying.

® Wipso: Yup -- lots of fun and lots of work. But, overall, going well.

® Frances: wouldn't have dogs if we didn't have an outdoor space. And, a little bit tiring (sort of), ;) ;)

® pfg: our last Standard Poodle was nick-named "Trouble" by one of our daughter's girlfriends (who lived with us for a while). I'm looking for sympathy, and what do I get? Thanks ;)

Chris Stovell said...

Oh my goodness - they are SO cute! I love that top photo of them... they look as if they're planning something. I suppose the trick is staying one move ahead of them!

Rob-bear said...

® Thanks for visiting Chris.

"Staying ahead of them!" Ahead? You must be JOKING! (Usually several yards behind.)

Norma Murray said...

They are delightful little dogs. You are so lucky.

Reasons said...

Oh goodness - puppies are like babies, full-time and exhausting! Good luck Rob-bear, show em who's boss.

muriel may campbell said...

I was going to answer your email but got caught up in your puppy stories... :-)
the answer to your question is
I might not be able to contact you for a while... thanks for the comments

Jo ~ said...

Yep, kids are exhausting!

Rob-bear said...

® Thanks for visiting, lampworkbeader. They are delightful; I am lucky -- and exhausted.

® Reasons: They've worn me out -- thereby showing me who is boss! Gasp!! (I think of that picture of Charlie laid out on the table, and immediately empathize.)

® bellybutton: "Re-tread." Hmmmm . . .

® Bella: I guess I'm not as tough a Bear as I thought. Or I have forgotten a huge amount. (Probably the latter.)

Pondside said...

Gorgeous! You are in for lots of fun!

Renee said...

They look like they keep you moving.


Renee said...

Rob-Bear thank you so much for your love, for some reason your comment really touched me today.

Love Renee xoxo

Rob-bear said...

® Pondside and Renee: These two are keeping me very busy -- busier that I had anticipated. But that's OK. Thanks.

CAMILLA said...

Totally gorgeous.! wonderful bundles of wooly fur, love the Poodles.

I know the sisters Sadie and Nuala are very lucky to have you as their owner Rob-bear, kind hearted bear that you are.!

Rob-bear said...

® Camilla: Thanks for the visit and the kind comments. Simply put, the puppies are getting what they deserve.