Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sunny day in River City.Temperature of about 23°C on our balcony (about 74°F). Nobody's house slid into the river yesterday or overnight, so people are becoming more relaxed about the riverbank.  Most people have water, electricity, and natural gas at their homes again. All is calm; all is bright.

Too nice a day for Bear to stay inside for the whole day (though the air conditioning is nice).

1. I did some cleaning up in my study, and took a whole big box of papers to recycling. It's been more than a year since we move into the "cave in the trees"; it's about time I got around to tidying up. 

2. I got my bicycle out, went to the bike shop to check the air pressure in the tires, and then pedalled around the community for a few kilometres/miles.

Bike, with no name.
On the lower part of the fame, you'll see something gray, with the word "BionX." That's the battery. I have a barttery-powered assistance drive, that I can use to help me get up hills. I used it today in a cople of instances.

3. I did some reading. The book is a bit scary — it's non-fiction.

4. I took some pictures.

Touring the 'Hood.
I was hoping to get some pictures of where the land caved in on Thursday. But I could't get the picture without doing some trespassing, and interrupting a survey crew which as assessing the situation, so I decided to forgo that plan. The city still has the street blocked off, at the west . . .

and the east. 

One of the things I forgot to mention is that the walkway on to the Traffic Bridge has been taken out. That was done to allow technicians to get in a further study the condition of the bridge. (At least that is the story from the City.) So the walkway was there one day . . .

and gone the next.

I took the bridge pictures from down in the park (the picture was taken from our apartment balcony). That is a beautiful park. It is very well used. 

It was closed it off for fireworks a few days ago, 

but have opened it up for people to enjoy the summer sun. And there has been lots happening, every day.

But the fence remains and the roadway is blocked off,

unless you know how to get around the fence.

This is also the annual Jazz Festival, and the "free stage" is right across the river from us.

So we don't even had to do anything; the festival comes to us, so to speak. The joys of living downtown. I won't go so far as to say that jazz is my favourite music. But this is good, so J and I enjoy it. And fortunately they shut down by about 11:00 p.m., which is quite considerate.

What kind of a day has it been? "A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our time."

And Bear was there. And you have been, too.

Blessings and Bear hugs, friends.

(Sorry if the spacing is a bit strange. It looks great when I write it,
but really strange when it hits the page. Such is html!)

One other thing. 

This is where I need some help, friends. 
1. Does my bike need a name? 
2. If so, what would you suggest as a good name for a bicycle ridden by a Bear?

OK. Now, BBh. 


Jackie said...

I LOVED this blog, Bear. It was great to see all your photos. I enjoyed them so much!!
I'm glad to hear that things have begun to settle (regarding the river and the potential for flooding and damage.)
Great bike!! I love it, and you know that I'm biking now. Yep. I enjoy it very much. Yours is much fancier than mine, though!! Great bike!
I hope that you will continue to put photos in your blog. I love to look at the area where you live. Things are so different in the different regions of our continent (and world, for that matter) and I do enjoy seeing a bit of your world. Thank you for sharing.
Take care of you. I continue to pray for you and yours.

betty said...

Not very original, but Bear mobile for your bike? You live in a very pretty area; I often think living downtown, especially in an eclectic type of city, could be a good thing.....unless one has to walk a corgi :)

sounds like a very nice day or two in your neck of the woods


middle child said...

Of course your bike needs a name.
Before I could even think, this name came to mind; Canada. Then Cream then Ice Cream.
I didn't chose these names. They just came unbidden into my head.

Helen said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour! Living in Bend means essentially you do live downtown. Very special.


Rob-bear said...

® Jackie: Thanks for your note. Things are good. Warm and sunny today.
Bear wasn't being careful and got a bit more sun than planned. No disaster, though.
Pictures will keep coming. I like others to post pictures, so I'll keep dong the same.

® That corgi :): Thanks for the suggestion. Electronic vehicles are good for this part of the world.
If you pedalled this bike slowly, you could probably give a Corgi a walk. Or a run.

® Middle child: Thanks for the name suggestions.
BTW, how did the sale go?

The Broad said...

Bear, it's just great seeing where you live and how green it all is! From the small map you published in your last post it's hard to imagine the how the streets and open spaces actually look! I'm so glad to read you are still safe, sound and dry and not in a muddy heap... It looks like you live in a very nice place!


Furtheron said...

Glad to hear it hasn't been a catastrophe in your 'hood.

Do you think though people will forget and some of those barriers just become permanent without people questioning?

DJan said...

Hey! pictures and stuff! What a cool post, Bear. Thanks for posting it. I also meditated for a bit on a name for your bike. How about Bones? Since it is a vehicle for Bear Bones! :-)

Chatty Crone said...

The spacing is fine but you know blogger -

I especially love the last photo of the sky with the pink.

Your other photos I have to tell you - you live in a beautiful beautiful city. I'm sorry that is was so much damage - glad you didn't have any.

Hope things get repaired fast!


Irene said...

I would call your bike "the old steed." It does carry you around like a knight in shining armor, doesn't it? Thank you for all the interesting photos. It was fun to see your environment. I hope the jazz concert was good. I do enjoy a little jazz myself as long as it's not too jittery. xox

ReformingGeek said...

Bear does a nice job telling a story with photos! What a pretty park and I love your bike. Maybe Bear could call it White Lightening? I am a bit jealous of that battery boost.

Glad to hear your home didn't float away.

lotta joy said...

Bear, I honestly thank you for those photos AND I'm grateful for your sojourn on your bike. You deserve some honest abandon with your camera and freedom on "Silver Bullet". I have YEARNED for a bike and got to borrow the neighbor's. I made it to the end of our driveway before my knee gave out and stayed out for about 4 days.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Since I used KeinsteMotte for my blog I find Bear interesting. You need to follow you instinct about a bike name. Love that it has a power boost!

susan said...

I'm delighted to see you've been out and about on your bike. The pictures are terrific and show just how pleasant it can be to live in the midst of things.

When I saw the photos of the blocked off bridge I remembered I wanted to tell you there were some major landslides when we lived in Portland. They're not regular events but also not unexpected in a rainy city with lots of steep hillside development. They are always unsettling but the last one wasn't weather related at all. A house that had stood for five years on a filled lot suddenly just slid down its hill and was stopped by another at the bottom. Neither of them was habitable again after that.

Rob-bear said...

® The Broad: We do live in a great place. Which is why we live here. And enjoy it.

® Furtheron: Thanks. As of the barriers becoming permanent, I think not. But right now, the whole street is being dug up, so I don't know why might happen next.

® DJan: Thanks. Bear Bones? "Hmmmm," said the Bear.

® Chatty Crone: Thanks. I'm glad you liked the little tour.

Rob-bear said...


® Helen: Living downtown is fun. Bear Lair is better than Bear Liar.

® Irene: Bear as knight in shining armour? Hmmmm.
Jazz was very avant garde. Bear, not the world's greatest jazz fan, is even less pleased with avant garde jazz. Sigh.
Plus, it got rained out several evenings.

® ReformingGeek: Glad you liked the tour.
Don't have a still, so white lightning is not going to work as our image. We'll lead that for Herschel's hemi half-ton with the hooch tank on the back.

® lotta joy: Bear is a little slow to have a silver bullet.
Please be careful win using a bike. You knee-d to be wary when riding those critters, really! Not so different from a horse.

® Heidrun Khokhar: Not sure about name, but Bear is too large to be riding a moth.

® susan: Glad you liked the tour. Ironically, it is two very large houses, recently built on the crest of the slope, which are at the centre of our problem. Do you suppose there might be a connection with the Portland misadventure?