Saturday, April 28, 2012


Da Blog Fodder, who I have known since the 1980s, lives in the Ukraine. He is a Canadian, who lives there with his wife. He says she is the only Ukrainian woman who does not want to move to Canada. It is a long story.

Anyhow, one might think, from this distance, the place is fairly safe one. It never makes the news.  

It is not safe. In his latest blog post, he tells of how some bombs were set off in his city, and a whole bunch of people hurt. Not a happy situation, especially when the Ukrainian President is in town. Who may, or may not, have been the target of the civil unrest. (Please take the time to read Da Blog Fodder's story.)

Think of the excitement if some bombs went off in a city near you when President Obama was visiting. You understand; Homeland Security and the rest of the "safety establishment" would go into instantaneous overdrive — for about three weeks, or (more likely) three months.

Or think of "Bombs, Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You."

I could go on about international intrigue and terrorism (home-grown or imported), but you know all about that stuff. The media has been filling our heads with that for over a decade — since September, 2001. 

Let's just say we live in "interesting times." And we're trying to "Keep Calm and Carry On" — even in an American election year.

Blessings and Bear hugs to all of you, friends.


Unknown said...

Sometimes ignorance is bliss Rob-bear. Staying away from the news can be a good thing every now and again.

The Blog Fodder said...

Poorly written on my part. The President was in the city after the explosions to show solidarity with the victims and up his dismal popularity ratings. He was not the object of the attack. And thanks for the plug on your blog. Trust all is going well at Knox, your pain relief is still working and as my friend Pam Petrucka would say "Life is normal".

Manzanita said...

Good to hear you are out and about and posting. I feel better, but not ready for brick digging-up. Hope the funeral went well and the dear man had a good send off.
Yes, some of us know all that stuff, but most of the people live in lethargy.

Their focus amazes me. What big news it makes if they find an old outhouse on the edge of city limits!!!

East Helena is a tiny, tiny little burg far outside of Helena. Their big controversy is whether to allow chickens within the city limits. (You don't even know it's a city when you drive through).

I doubt if this part of the world would ever notice a bomb explosion.

enjoy your life, dear friend.

JeannetteLS said...

I read, Bear. I read it. And now I follow. Thank you for calling our attention to your friend and what is happening in yet another corner of our world.

The Broad said...

Ah, Bear! I've been in the US almost 3 weeks. I will need to be back in the UK before I can begin to understand what's happening this election year. It's not going to be fun -- it's already grimmmm!

ain't for city gals said...

I just read the blog fodder before I came over here..who knew?? Crazy world..

Irene said...

I would be very concerned if bombs suddenly went off in my country. The European Footbal Cup Final is going to take place there this summer too. They may have quite a problem on their hands.

JeannetteLS said...

Thank you for this story. Being an "O"strich is easier, but I'd really rather not be one. Thinking good thoughts and sending them your way tonight.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

He sounds like a very interesting blog to follow. "The only Ukrainian woman who doesn't want to move to Canada." Funny!

Rob-bear said...

® Jacqueline: Sometimes, indeed. Better for the blood pressure, perhaps.
At other times, what you don't know could mess up your life without you knowing it.

® The Blog Fodder: I suppose if I had read all the material you included, I would have made better sense. My mistake for lack of research. Hope none of the bombs exploded near your place.

® Manzanita: The small issue often gets the widest attraction. Strangely, we (in a city of 250,000) are wrestling with the tough issue of people starting to rear chickens in their back yards. Strange, eh?
The other thinkg that came to mind was Billy Edd Wheeler's "Ode to the Little Brown Shack Out Back." One of the songs I sing and play with my banjo.
Yeah; Bear's a bit weird. (The Blog Fodder would say, "more than a bit." But he knows me, so he can get away with that.)

Rob-bear said...

® JeannetteLS: I think I've been spelling your name wrong. Sorry.
And you're welcome. The Blog Fodder brings a sense of sanity to a crazy world. And the reverse, too!

® The Broad: The Grim(m) Fairy Tales being written by Mitt Romney and David Cameron? Will be interesting. For sure!

® ain't for city girls: Sanity is a luxury which few can afford these days. Or something like that.
I'm sure the BF can explain that.

® Irene: Bombs. Football Cup Final. Pretty much the same. Sadly.

® Jeannette: Thanks for your repeat visit. And kindness.

® KarenG: Think of the BF as the Canadian version of Mark Twain, eh.

Unknown said...

I didn't hear about the bombs in the Ukraine and you know why? Becasue the media only wants to tell us about Lindsay Lohan or some other so called celebrity and if we want to know what's happening, one needs to spend time reading the bottom banner.

About Last Weekend said...

So disturbing - sometimes I have to not read the news otherwise I would despair. Hope all is well with you

Amanda Summer said...

we most certainly do live in interesting times......and they just seem to keep getting more interesting.

i will make a point to visit da blog fodder.

Chatty Crone said...

I'm sorry I didn't hear about this either. sandie

susan said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bombing in the Ukraine. The world is definitely getting crazier with each passing day. I don't see how having missile launchers at the London Olympics will help the situation.

Rob-bear said...

® Gaston Studio: Thanks Jane; yes, and yes. So very sadly.

® About Last Weekend: Despair is an honest emotion. And, yes, I understand why you could feel that way about our world, if you follow the news.

® Amanda: You are as insightful as always.

® Chatty Crone and susan: Frankly, you would have to look pretty hard to find the stories even if you went hunting for them. Al Jezeera? What's that? Answer: good alternative news source. Run by a guy who headed up CBC News for a while. (CBC = Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.)

A Lady's Life said...

Thats terrible about the bombs. But I think we have to put our own country first before we can help others or we will lose our country.
We need to have jobs for our own people and lower the costs of living.
Have a good one Rob Bear :)