Thursday, April 12, 2012


You got to try a little kindness
Yes show a little kindness

Just shine your light 

for everyone to see.  ~ Curt Sapaugh and Bobby Austin
(sung by Glen Campbell)

Do justice,
love kindness,
walk humbly with God.  ~ Micah, prophet of Israel.

And whoever gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water  ... shall not lose his reward. ~ Jesus, prophet of Israel, and Christ.

Love, Justice and Kindness

I usually think of simple kindness as a key element in loving people. This is the "no big deal" kind of thing we do every day. Help a stranger find directions. Giving some unemployed person, who has been reduced to begging on the street, a dollar or two. Or phoning a friend who you have not seen for a while, especially if this friend is facing hard times of whatever sort.

It is the simple things — from words of support to larger acts of generosity, which make life more bearable. Or Bearable.


Diana said...

Something to incorporate into an everyday habit.
Love Di ♥

DJan said...

It is a kindness to read your kind words, Rob. I try to be kind myself, but I'll try harder. :-)

ReformingGeek said...

Being kind to someone makes my day. Just think what the world would be like if everyone tried a little kindness.

Manzanita said...

Usually we don't have to think about it. To most of us, it's just a part of our nature. I grant you, there are some unkind darker forces but I believe in "like attracts like" and we continue on our kind path.

Suburbia said...

Thanks for the reminder Bear :-)

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

Great post for K. I participate in a challenge every November doing a Random Act of Kindness every day. Gets the kids to realize it is better to give than to receive, and just in time before Christmas.

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

Great post for K. We participate in a challenge every November doing a random act of kindness every day. Its a great way to lead up to Christmas so kids realize it is better to give than to receive.

Julie Daines said...

I have often asked myself, why can't people just be nice. Is it really that hard? Good post.

Irene said...

I try to be appropriately gentle and not to push myself onto people. There's such a thing as being overly friendly. That's scary. xox

Matthew MacNish said...

We could all use a little more kindness.

SueH said...

Great words!

I'm not rich, financially, but I count myself blessed - there's always room to give a little more to someone who's not got the benefits you have. At the end of the day - you can't take it with you, so why not share it out now!

Likewise, time - spending a few extra minutes chatting with someone who's lonely, or helping out the elderly neighbours who don't have family (or not living near enough, anyway) with taking stuff to the dump, or giving them a lift to the supermarket.

It doesn't take much effort - and it means so much!

....and a smile doesn't hurt, either! ;-)

SueH I refuse to go quietly!

Chatty Crone said...

I love kind people! Sandie

Nancy Thompson said...

Just this morning, it was reported on the news that scientists have located the NICE gene. So while I'm sure nurturing does have some affect, a lot of this trait comes from nature. So much for telling your kids to say thank you.

I'm a new follower via the A to Z Challenge. Nice to meet ya.

Hilary said...

Simple but important. Thanks for this.

kj said...

bear, thank you.

i have many faults, but i think i'm kind, i think i act on being kind, and i think i know what i give i get back and then some.


That Janie Girl said...

you ROCK at being kind.

Just saying!

John Going Gently said...

well said that man!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

My ultimate goal is to raise my 3 boys to be kind at heart.

Helen said...

Hi Bear!
I love 'paying it forward' and do every opportunity I have. Food donations, volunteer work, smiling at strangers on the street, a dollar her, a dollar there ... whatever I can do. It works both ways ~ someone else benefits ~ I benefit.

(a friendly growl)

Laurie Peel, CRA-RP said...

Why is it being kind to yourself is usually harder than being kind to someone else?

susan said...

Compassion is something we should all embrace. You do a wonderful job of reminding us.

Unknown said...

Like I said on someone else's post today, imho, Kindness is the best K-word.

Look forward to the rest of your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 14 days already!
--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z

About Last Weekend said...

Kindness is something which is no longer spoken about so I am glad you have it here. The emphasis now is on each person self actualising (or whatever it is called) and not thinking about others so much...