Friday, April 6, 2012


A fence
is what you take
when people
insult you.   ~ Anon.

In this case, the fence around the bridge which is right beside our apartment building. Put up to keep people from under and on the bridge.

Because, you see, the City hasn't bothered to maintain the bridge. It it could fall down. It is seriously rusting out in many spots. I know; I've been down there and taken pictures. Surprising what happens when you can't afford a coat of paint once in a while.

So now, we can't walk on it, or drive on it. Lest it come crashing down beneath our feet or tires.

And we can't walk under it, either; we don't want it upon your head and shoulders.

But if you've got a boat, you're welcome to travel under the dangerous bridge any time.

Peculiar Political Behaviour

Bear makes no claim to being the brightest beast in the bush. But I cannot understand how a bridge is safe for boaters to go under, but not for ordinary taxpayers to walk under. I mean, really! I am frankly offended by this kind of inequality, this basic unfairness, this faux pas. It may be legal, but I don't see it as being ethical at all.

Is this a case of laws for some people, and other laws for different people? Can we justify this reasonably in our contemporary society?

What about are you live?

Are there similarly ridiculous things your municipal government does? Please tell us about those activities!


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Oh god, Rob, it would require thinking on my behalf to list all the stooooopid things our local governments do sometimes. OK, but here's one off the top of my head: the mayor of Huntsville hired his own son-in-law for a prestigious, well-paying job when those sorts of jobs are scarcer than hen's teeth. That went over like a lead balloon.

I can't believe I wasn't already following you. Anyway, I have remedied that mistake! Thanks for all the many times you dropped by my blog to say hi and offer your sage bear-ly advice.

Manzanita said...

Sounds reasonable from my "take" on government. :) Isn't it odd, as my eyes grow dimmer, I can see better.
Hope the Bear is bushy tailed this morning.

DJan said...

F is also for Fairness, which this doesn't seem to be. Frankly. It's Good Friday, finally. Funny that it doesn't seem Good to me at all. Easter, however... :-)

The Broad said...

It's always a mistake to try to make sense of the powers that be! ;-) God bless and Happy Easter!

Julie Daines said...

Those crazy powers-that-be. What are they thinking? This is funny, and no, it doesn't make sense.

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

You are obviously a bear who is full of fresh air and a wonder to behold...
Well this began as an attempt to write a limerick composed especially for you but my brain has not had it's shot of caffeine. Your blogs are amazing. I am all for rattling the cages of politicos. Visit my political blog when you have time: Warning! If you're a fan of Barack Obama's (you know, the prez of the USA) you'll be a disturbed bear.

Jackie said...

I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Easter, Rob.
May the blessings of this season abound for you and those you love.

Donna K. Weaver said...

You pose an interesting question. Since in my day job I work for municipal government I sometimes know the reasoning behind certain decisions. I don't get your bridge problem. Does your city not own it? There are state roads that run through my city, and the city has no jurisdiction on them, for example. The PTBs can talk and try and work things out with the state, but if that state's not inclined to listen, we're stuck.

Rob-bear said...

® Cathy Olliffe-Webster: Can you say "nepotism"? Sure you can. And it's right that people are "not amused."

Thanks for joining up. I'll be back to you in a bit.

® Manzanita: And there are none so blind as they who refuse to see. Obviously, we need to keep an eye on you. My tail (such as it is) is bushy; how's yours?

® DJan: Oh, you're full of "f-words" this morning. Wait; can we say that on a family-friendly blog? I guess I just did.

I'm sure there are people who have other f-words for politicians, but I won't use them here.

Rob-bear said...

® The Broad: I agree with you. Except there were years when I had to keep track of what the politicians were saying, and try to help readers and listeners make sense of it. I didn't always succeed in the making sense bit.

Easter blessings to you, too.

® Julie Daines: I can tell you exactly what they were thinking. They were trying to save taxpayers money by not doing preventive maintenance on the bridge. I have to keep my house up; the city didn't keep the bridge up. Are we surprised?

® Pat Carroll Marcantel: Thank you for visiting, and saying nice things about me. Keep that up, and I may share some of my hunny and Bearies with you.

Politics would be a good thing, if the politicians didn't keep giving politics a bad name.

Rob-bear said...

® Donna K. Weaver: The bridge belongs to the city. Council just didn't want to spend money looking after it. Keep the taxes down even if the bridge falls down.

Politicians, who get elected every few years, have trouble seeing past the next election. Sadly.

About Last Weekend said...

That is a really good point of yours - boaters can go under it - but people can't walk over it? You should send this blog post to the local newspaper! That bridge is a wonderful asset for tourists and local walkers

Anonymous said...

My husband, who is disabled, cannot travel on his scooter into any area that exceeds 35 mph. This is difficult because we live in an area where the only route to nearest store is on a road that the speed limit is 40. We're actually trying to fight it right now because there are no public walkways on said road and telling my husband that he can't take his scooter there would be like saying I can't walk there. It's kinda ridiculous.

Blog #atozchallenge

kj said...

remember when we used to think in terms of abundance, bear? i do. when nobody said there was not 'enough' to repair bridges and potholes.

my little street with its four houses floods every rain. no money for repairs. and no discussion about no money.

i'm glad you made it to F. and you refrained from stronger F language!

a fence. i chuckled


Rob-bear said...

® About Last Weekend: Thanks for the idea, Jody, but there have been lots of things in the paper. I may have to resort to more "direct action."
I like your new picture. You hardy look a day over 30.

® Alicia A: That is horrid! I hope someone can do something about that situation. Not letting your husband out of his house verges on cruel and unusual punishment.

® kj: Abundance. I remember. The time when we thought we could never run out of anything.
The language of "enough" works best for me. Enough can still be abundance. If you put that in the right context.
I guess you're going to have to build your own drains for the road.

Rosaria Williams said...

There is injustice and less than ethical behavior everywhere you look.
When people speak up and keep the pressure on, eventually some things get remedied. Rob, can't you write to the paper, show up at council meetings, get yourself on the planning council?

Patricia Stoltey said...

That bridge situation is bizarre. It's always something with local...and state...and federal government.

Lydia said...

Well, that really does sound silly. I cannot think of anything municipally crazy offhand, but your statement about being able to afford a coat of paint hit home. Literally. Our house has needed painting outside for six years and now it is peeling. It is too tall a house for us to do ourselves. I must put on my thinking cap....

The Blog Fodder said...

They really need to do something with that bridge. It is the 19th street bridge, right? Only old steel one I can think of.
Too funny. Boating under it OK; walking under it verboten.

Rob-bear said...

® Lydia: Sorry to hear of your need for house-painting, and for help. The city had the resources to do it, but didn't bother. I hope your place is done, well and soon.

® The Blog Fodder: Yup, you got the right bridge. Turn off 19th St on to Third Ave. To you, it's funny; to me, not amused.