Wednesday, February 23, 2011


For a Poodle who doesn't have a whole lot to do in the winter, you'd think I'd be really on top of things. Not so. I still miss important events.

Monday was the "Family Day" holiday in our part of the colony. So we all stayed in the house together, nice and warm. That was reasonable.

But what I did miss was "Temporary Insanity Day," last Saturday, February 19th. (I'll say I missed it because I was suffering temporary insanity; life without Bear around and active is pretty, well, um, "different.")

But here's an important date not to miss. This Sunday, February 27th, is "Friends of Polar Bears Day." Now, Bear is a Brown Bear, or at least he used to be. Now, he's gone all white, so he's pretending to be a Polar Bear. We just humour him about that, even though we know he's not a Polar Bear.

So, if you're inclined to humour him along too, you could send him a card, or a more personal greeting. Unless you're busy doing other things. And, while your at it, send a card to your own favourite Polar Bear, too.

Now, aren't you glad you knew all of this?


Rosaria Williams said...

Wink, wink.

Amanda Summer said...

miss sadie,

family day is a very good idea, and i think everybody could relate to temporary insanity day in mid february. please extend my warmest greetings to bear - i looked at the polar bear videos but my luddite self can't figure out how to send those. i do think of him as a grizzly, not a polar bear, even if his hair is white. grizzlies are the king of bears, anything less would not be fitting for your master.



Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a great friend you are to Bear and I hope that he has fun pretending to be a Polar Bear... we all know that he is a grizzly or large brown (northern territories) bear...

Oh, he is definitely king of his land as Amanda said!


The Blog Fodder said...

There is a story about a kid who announced (the night before of course) that he needed a bear costume as he was Baby Bear in a school play. They cobbled together a polar bear costume.
Come concert night, Mama and Papa Bear are both brown bears. When Mama Bear makes her memorable "Whose been sleeping in my bed?" speech, some guy in the back says "We'd all like to know that".

potsoc said...

Amanda is rather right about grizzlies. And I have the same card sending problem. To send, one needs an Email address.
Go to my blog, there is a link to my Email, use it to send me his Email address and I will send him one of those cards.

Natalie said...

I am getting a wee bit confused as to your gender lately Bearet....or is it Miss Sadie?
Perhaps it would be more prudent to send you a Poodle Bear card?

Jean said...

Polar bears go swimming in freezing water around the icebergs, don't they ??!!

Miss Sadie said...

Thank you all for your kind responses.

® rosaria: nudge, nudge.

® amanda: Well, yes, grizzly Bear is. (If you want to send him something, his e-mail address is in his sidebar, where we explain, "Who Are These Creatures, Anyhow?" Just check his profile.)

® Genie: He has fun thinking of himself as Polar, but they're now becoming endangered because of warming in the Arctic. So he worries about them.

® Blog Fodder: Trust you to some up with something like that.

Miss Sadie said...

® Paul: Thank you so much for the Polar Bear card! I'll get Bear to look at it as soon as he "comes to his senses" after hibernation.

® Natalie: Bear is a "he." He's hibernating right now, so I'm looking after things for him. I am a "she."
Bear thinks he's in charge, but I'm the one who really knows what is going on!

® Jean: Polar Bears do, indeed, have a thick layer of fat that lets them survive in frigid water, between ice floes. Sadly, Arctic warming is changing the ice patters, which means Bears now have to swim long distances from ice pan to ice pan. (Seals, a primary source of Polar Bear food live on and around the ice pans.) But as the pans get further and further apart, some Bears are drowning trying to get from one ice pan to the next. That's why Bear worries about them.

jane said...

I haven;t sent a card - but I do have a very large jar of honey in my kitchen if Bear is this way - I was interested to read on your previous blog about the waxwings - They are so beautiful but always so hungry - we have seen them on two ocassions locally this year and managed to take a few pics x

Miss Sadie said...

® Jane: Thank you for dropping by, especially with an offer of hunny. Sadly, Bear doesn't travel well, so he won't be coming to Shropshire (the land of Thomas Hardy, if I remember what Bear told me). If you've got waxwing pictures, Bear and/or I would love to see them.

Rosaria Williams said...

Hope Bear had a wonderful Sunday!

Gutsy Living said...

Miss Sadie,
You are quite the person in cahrge these days. I'm so happy you're keeping track of dates for your Master. I'm not surprised he's turned "all white." Take care of him please.

Miss Sadie said...

® rosaria: Thanks for your good wishes. He slept through the day, so I guess that was a good thing. But he's missing a lot of fun in the process.