Sunday, July 4, 2010


OK, let's review.

The garden was a mess!

So Bear "took the bull by the tail" and got working on it. 

Soon, it wasn't looking too bad.

But there's something here that' not quite right. There's a certain «je ne sais quoi» feeling about it. I seems somehow incomplete. 

Think. Think. Think. (Think like a puzzled Winnie the Pooh.)

Think. Think. Think.

Well, if it were a picture, I could show it off a bit better by putting it in a nice frame.

Wait — that's it. Put something around it. Like, . . . like, . . . like — a border. Yes! That's it. A border!

Say, this is looking better.

And we're done! 

Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie has been supervising this all the way along. 

Now, she's allowing her picture to be taken alongside the completed project.

Allowing her picture to be taken in this manner is Her Ladyship's supervisory "seal of approval" that the work has been "completed to the highest standards." 

(When her Ladyship isn't looking, Bear rolls his eyes.)

So, the task is complete!

Now, all that's left is

Oh, my!  



The Blog Fodder said...

Sadie is now one big dog, RB. Wow!

Given the size of our garden, I am so glad that Tanya forbids me to step foot in it. something about "elephant".

Cait O'Connor said...

From one who has spent a week weeding, I truly empathise with you. Your border looks great though. Good luck with the rest. My next blog is to be about the joys of gardening. Do call by. Thanks for your most recent kind words by the way.

Natalie said...

Hire a gardener, Bear.
Your vegie patch is nice. :)

Rob-bear said...

® BF: Yes, she is one big lady. She takes me for walks.

® Cait: Thanks for dropping by. Will check on the joys of gardening. Thanks for letting me know.

The Blog Fodder said...

Rob, nothing in the world is impossible as long as your wife does it.

Reasons said...

Ha ha! And when you've done that the vegetable patch will need attending to...and so it goes on! My, Sadie looks great, she has grown.

Rob-bear said...

® BF: I'll hang on to that wisdom.

® Joanne: It's like the ancient (true) Chinese proverb: "The man who finishes his house, dies." I suspect Sadie is probably getting close to Charlie's size.

Gutsy Living said...

First I agree, Sadie is much bigger now, and quite the "Queen." Well done on the border. Looks like you put in many hours of work. Time for a gourmet meal at my place, or shall we say at "She's Cookin'"

jane said...

You are certainly doing a great job - Miss Sadie looks so proud - gardening can be both rewarding and daunting - I love it - thanks for calling by - I must provide virtual biccies and cups of tea for weary travellers

Fennie said...

Hi Bear. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Always wanted to see a picture of Sadie. Plants are always counter-attacking when you aren't looking. They fight a war of attrition. Our victories are only temporary. (Having said that your garden is looking mighty good!)

Rob-bear said...

® Sonia: Thanks for the compliment and the offer. Can't take you up on that right away, but sometime.

® Jane: Thanks for dropping by, and for the encouragement. Biccies and tea sound quite good.

® Fennie: Good to have a visit. Her Ladyship is indeed getting bigger. Three feet nose to rump, about 18 inches high at the shoulders, and 50 pounds. NO, she is not a small dog.

Rob-bear said...

® Natalie: Sorry I missed you earlier. Sadly, I am the hired gardener. If I keep the garden looking nice, I can stay in the house. The rules are simple.

Jean said...

Well done and Sadie does look rather pleased and regal in a typical poodle-pose.
We have just got back from a week in France and a garden that was beautiful, having been lovingly tended and manicured by our helpers there. Now we are home to a garden that has gone rampant while we were away for the week, all weeds and plants having thrived on warm sunshine and a daily watering by my dad. It's as if they were all thinking, "come on chaps, the folks are away, let's grow wild".

Rob-bear said...

® Jean: Thanks. Miss Sadie can look so elegant without even trying. Bear, on the other hand, . . . is, well um, "trying" at the best to times.

Do you think there is, perhaps, a conspiracy among the "plants" which have "gone wild" at your place and at mine?