Thursday, July 29, 2010


Her Ladyship, Miss Sadie, and the Bear are polar opposites, in some ways.

What we have in common is that we don't understand our own strength.

Miss Sadie, I think, underestimates hers. At four feet tall (or more, when standing on her back legs — something I really discourage), with 50 pounds of energy and enthusiasm, she really could knock you down. After which she would lick you to death.

Bear, on the other hand, overestimates his.

Case in point.

Yesterday was cool and breezy in the evening. We hadn't received any rain. (A day without rain is a "novel" experience this year; one is not quite sure how to handle that.) And as our front and back grass were both in need of cutting, Bear got out the lawnmower.

(You've probably guessed the rest already.)

The land on our "micro-holding" is not level, and is broken up by trees, and gardens, and other sorts of spaces and obstacles. So cutting the grass in a straight line really doesn't happen for more than a couple of metres/yards. One has to do a great deal of maneuvering around in the process of "mowing the hay." (And I have to carry the lawnmower part way from front to back because of the new stepping stones we put in this year.)

Anyhow, I did the mowing last night. And when I was finished, it looked quite good. I was happy with that. Plus, I got the grass cut before the next rain shower (scheduled for tonight). YES!!!

But after a bit, I wasn't feeling so good. I have an old injury in my back that I keep re-injuring. By bed time I was in quite a bit of pain. So I took some medication (fairly strong stuff, actually), and went to bed about 9:30. By then I was feeling extremely tired, and a bit dopey from the medication.

I slept through the night (something I rarely do), and woke up at 7:00 this morning, not quite sure who or where I was. I was able to look after Her Sadieship and get my own breakfast. Then I thought I would lie down and have a rest.

I woke up at 11:30. It is now just after noon. The effect of the medication has worn off — meaning that I'm not dopey, but in pain. I'm going to make lunch and try to figure out what to do next. Miss Sadie needs to be walked. I need to do some shopping. There are parts of the yard which need to be trimmed, weeded, and otherwise tidied up. I have several books I want to read. Currently is it 26°C (that's 79F), too hot a day for Bear's liking.

— — —
Footnote: We did indeed go shopping, but not as expected. We went to our favourite bakery (where we haven't been for a while), and picked up some things. They're baking a lot of different things there now — major focus on Italian — so we picked up some goods as an experiment. What we've tried thusfar has been really good.

After lunch, J and I talked for a while, and I finally took Sadie for a walk. It's 27°C (81F) outside, but with the humidity feels like 33C (91F). We're going to stay inside, and stay cool (er).


Jean said...

Sorry to hear about your mishap. Back trouble does have a nasty habit of rearing its ugly head when you really could do without it. Hope you feel better soon.

Natalie said...

Poor old Bear..... I bet the yard looks good,though.
26C is a nice mild day here in Aus. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep....been there. I put off taking anything for pain because of the hangover that lasts much too long. I keep telling you about REFLEXOLOGY and here's an example.

When Joe and I first married, I was rail skinny (I still thought I was fat) but I could do yoga like you would not believe.

I had also been introduced to reflexology. This is where you find THE spot on the bottom of your foot where the nerve is the corresponding nerve that is causing your pain elsewhere in your body.

THE spot on your foot will be particularly PAINFUL. You use a knuckle, or a marble, and roll upon that pressure point for about 60 seconds using DEEP pressure, gradually lightning the pressure as time passes.

Well, Joe wanted to go to Florida 9 years ago and my back didn't want to go.

While in the car, I massaged the pressure point in my foot and when I was able, I went into a yoga pose that released my back.....

I can't do yoga now because I can't bend over my belly. Thank goodness I can still reach a foot (not easily, but what is?)

You can find the reflexology diagrams on the internet.

In your case, maybe the points on a human's foot correspond to a bear's paw.

Rob-bear said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts, friends.

® Jean: I can't remember; how much hay do you have to mow at your VERY GRAND PRESSIGNY?

® Natalie: The yard indeed looks good. But anything above 23°C (73F) is too hot (especially when it's so humid) for this Bear — considering I wear a fur coat all year.

® Dana: Thanks for the thought. It Bears investigation.

Frances said...

Mind that back of yours! Hot and humid summer days and nights can take the starch out of anyone, but if you do have an insistent weakness in your back, please do listen to it.

Dana's reflexology sounds like something to investigate. I have had two reflexology sessions (one for hands, one for feet) in the past and found each interesting. Not sure if I got true benefits or knowlege from them, but certainly did not mind being tended to.

Get the rest that you need. Hoping you'll feel better soon.

I'd also like to mention that your Bears Noting re housing was full of good information.

Rob-bear said...

® Frances: As I said, I'm not able to estimate my energy level effectively. Maybe some day I'll figure it out.