Monday, July 26, 2010


It doesn't have to be a "home on the range." It just needs to be a nice home —  reasonably clean, where taps, and lights, and things like that work properly. 

Sadly, there are a lot of people who don't have decent housing. 

So I put some thoughts together on my Bears Noting blog. It's a bit heavier thinking than I normally do here. But if you're concerned about how some of us live, take a peek. 

(And if you would care to comment, please leave your comment there.)

Hmmmm. . . . did somebody say something about unpopular beliefs and ideas?


French Fancy... said...

Oh look - I was naughty and left a comment here too. I hope you've been okay Rob - I know things must be difficult sometimes. Dogs are great for beating some of the down moods though I find.

Rob-bear said...

You are most welcome to leave a comment anywhere. As long as it's in "good form," so to speak. Quite, you know. Must maintain propriety, eh wot?!