Sunday, November 8, 2009



When Sadie and I were out walking yesterday morning (fairly early) we managed to flush a Roughed Grouse.

No, Sadie didn't find it, I did. And she's supposed to be the "gun dog" (category set out by various Kennel Clubs for Standard Poodles as a breed, along with other types of what most folk call "hunting dogs").

But that's OK. She's still just a puppy, so I'm still not expecting (or trying not to expect) too much of her. Besides, the only hunting I ever do is for stay sheep -- of the two-legged variety. She might be helpful when it comes to that. Who knows what life will bring?


Canada Geese, just south of our house. A massive flotilla of them today, stretched out in larger and smaller groups along a half-mile stretch of the river. (Or three-quarters of a mile.) Every so often a group would let out their "group yell (or "group honk") and lift off the water. Sometimes others joined in; sometimes not. All heading north. (I didn't say geese were the smartest birds in all creation; I think they're trying to go south by flying over the North Pole. From there, everything is south, right?) I can't explain it. I suppose they wheel around and head south once they're out of the river banks, which are a bit higher along this part of the river.

Otherwise, just commenting on a provincial pandemic plan -- and trying to keep colleagues up to speed. And learning to cook yam, in order to have some ready for tomorrow morning. I've got a recipe of a yam and banana breakfast, done in a frying pan. It says you cook the yam first. So I had some for supper and will try something new for breakfast. It isn't hunny, but I guess is it will be OK. Hey -- maybe I should put some hunny on it! (We'll see -- Bear might be out of hunny tonight.)


Natalie said...

Maybe you could post that recipe? Lets have a look.

Rob-bear said...

® Natsy: I want to try it before I share it. It might be "not worth sharing." Keep on "hanging in" with all the "adversity" and "stuff" happening in your life.

The Blog Fodder said...

My sister sent me some October pictures of skies filled with thousands of geese. Made me homesick. Our skies are filled with crows.

Rob-bear said...

® BF: Well, at least you've got something to "crow" about in the Ukraine.

cheshire wife said...

We usually have flocks of Canada Geese around here but you are right they have flown north and we have missed them.

Gutsy Living said...

I think I read somewhere that the new generation of Canadian geese are very dependant on their GPSs' and without them, they are lost. I guess yams are like plantains in the Caribbean.

Rob-bear said...

® CW: Oh, dear; ill-mannered Canadians, not staying to say hello. Sorry. But flying north -- what can I say?

Rob-bear said...

® GW: I can believe that about the new generation of Canada Geese. Technology catches up to all of us, I guess. (Without it, you and I wouldn't be sharing these ideas.)

Don't know anything about plantains. Must some research.