Friday, November 6, 2009


Once upon a time (the way all good stories start, right?) . . .
we invited two little puppies into our household. They were named Nuala and Sadie.

Remember when Nuala was so small and cute?

(Nuala at the window; 2 months of age; 10 pounds)

Well, the puppies have grown a bit, to about four times the size they were when they arrived.

(Sadie sleeping on the love seat; 5 months; 40 pounds)

You'll notice Sadie more than half fills the love seat. When the puppies first arrived, they were little balls of fluff that would easily fit in the corner where Sadie's rump is resting. By time the pups are fully-grown dogs, each will fill the love seat. Their bodies will get a bit bigger, and their legs will get much longer. (Our previous Standard Poodles looked like a mass of legs with a bit of a body when they were lying down.)

Yesterday, Nuala lost her first tooth. Yup, that time is coming. A whole new set of teeth by six months (more or less). Both of them. All that chewing is not in vain. (Ive only lost a couple of fingers, so far.)

Reminds me of the story of a little boy whose pup had lost a tooth. He had figured out that, when he lost a tooth, if he put it under his pillow at night, the tooth fairy would take it and leave a coin in exchange. The youngster, ever the entrepreneur, decided he would try the same thing with the puppy's tooth.

When he awoke in the morning, and checked under his pillow, an exchange had taken place. He found a dog biscuit.


Natalie said...

Wow, they have grown. Bit like my two rascals.

Rob-bear said...

® Natalie: You have rascals? Not possible!

Snowbrush said...

I just love that sidelong glance while standing by the window. I get that look at lot here too.

Yes, Rob-bear, Natalie DOES have rascals, very famous rascals too as I've heard about them all the way out to Oregon, USA.

Annie said...

Oh wow. What beautiful dogs they are growing into.I used to have a minature poodle when I was growing up and just love their wooly coats. Give them a cuddle from me please. A x

arosebyanyothername said...

Priceless! - about the tooth-fairy, of course.

Withy Brook said...

What a sensible tooth fairy! Will they stop chewing when they finish getting their new teeth?
It will be naughty play after that I guess.

Reasons said...

Still cute though! I love the story - also very cute!

I am OK thanks Rob-bear...I know you wonder about me. I am just flat and haven't felt like I have much to blog about, also getting on the computer is difficult these days with the job hunting going on. No doubt i'll be back soon.

Rob-bear said...

Thanks for your thoughts, friends.

® Snowbrush: We've re-arranged things a bit, so we can't get the same pic we got before. Lying on the love seat is so much more typical for Sadie, anyhow.

® Wipso: When our kids were younger, we had a miniature Poodle, an Maltese, and a Standard Poodle. Full house.

® Withy: I guess I'll have to watch, and see how many more fingers I lose.

® Reasons: Glad you enjoyed the story. I wonder how Charlie would feel about it?

cheshire wife said...

I somehow missed your last post. We haven't had a frost yet never mind snow, thank goodness.

My your dogs have grown!

What use would money be to a dog? They would probably only use it to buy biscuits!

Rob-bear said...

® Rose: Ooops -- missed you in the process. Sorry. Glad you liked the story.

® CW: Dogs might want invest in bones -- have a big pile saved up for retirement. Puppies aren't getting any younger! (Or am I thinking in far-too-human terms?)