Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have been working on a project which, sadly, has not come together for me. At least, not yet. So I've shelved it for the time being. I'd rather not do it than do it poorly. That's just the way I am.

In the meantime, something else come to mind.

"Writing Quiets the Voices in My Head" -- blog by Thinkinfyou
"Cheaper than Therapy" -- blog title for both Attila the Mom, and The Mom Jen (two separate blogs)

I'm quoting these people, partly for their wisdom, partly for their titles. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I really use writing partly as a form of therapy, an partly as a way of having fun, and partly as a way of meeting new people. (My problem is, as Aussies like Natalie would put it, I've got "a few roos loose in my top paddock." That's roos" as in kangaroos, "top paddock" as in head -- the image is pretty clear.) It is therapeutic in that I share my thoughts and feelings with others, as they share theirs, and some maintain some social contact beyond my house. And there are some really funny stories too. Like "The Blog Fodder" talking about "New Meds for Women" and Dana talking about her new toy. (WARNING: Dana's piece is SERIOUS ADULT STUFF -- open only if the kiddies are asleep in bed and/or you and your teen(s) are ready for some serious "educational" conversation.)

Lately, I've come across something interesting. It's on Christine Kane's Blog, and it's called
"Eleven Irresistible Reasons to Write Everyday." (I'm quoting it here with Christine's permission; thanks Christine.) It is something every blogger should consider; it is something most bloggers have considered, thought they may not have thought of it in precisely these terms.

What I find is that I spend about a third of my blogging time actually preparing posts. The other two-thirds, I spend reading and thinking about other peoples' blogs -- my friends I've never seen. And those blogs are, by and large, somewhere between good and exquisite! And often I add my comments (probably they're a bit long, sometimes; sorry if they are). So, even though I don't post every day, I write every day.

And it is an absolute joy to do so.

(I'm also just back from taking Young Dog for another outing. He's new to us, so I'm not sure what he's saying when he "talks" to me. But after three days of having this very enthusiastic, lovable, highly-energetic, 10-month-old Portuguese Water Dog in our home, I'm "dog tired.")


French Fancy... said...

I've never found the comments you have left too long but then I also tend to do the same - but only on blogs that really 'do it for me'. There are some blogs that I feel a bit duty-bound on which to comment - I've started with them and now feel I have to stay loyal, even though I feel I've outgrown some of them and find multi-posting of pictures in a blog post very off-putting.

But to suddenly stop following some bloggers would initiate a crisis no doubt, not because it was *me* that had stopped following them but that they had lost a number from their total,

Rob-bear said...

FF: If blogging is about numbers (i.e., followers), I am in SERIOUS trouble. For me, blogging is about sharing a few thoughts that seem significant in some way. If people like them, they'll come back. If they don't, they'll move on. And if they outgrow my thoughts, that's OK, too. As I've "gotten on" with blogging, I know there are a few blogs in which I'm particularly interested (like yours). Some are less important. A few I'll never see again. Whatever.

To quote a friend, "We're here for a good time, not for a long time." If blogging isn't fun -- then don't do it! Life really is too short.

Thinkinfyou said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!