Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, its a new day. But not much different from yesterday.

Yesterday I was given the "definitive word." I am "not capable of returning to any regular work at this time." That is not surprising, given how I'm feeling. It's been almost three years, and it could be another year before I'm "well" (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). Then in about six months, I hit retirement age. As I said in my profile, "Too sick to work; too healthy to die -- you're stuck with me the way I am."

{Aside: there are people who read my blog postings and comments, and have concluded that this bear will never be "well." They may be right. Depending.}

To tell the truth, the reason I started blogging on a regular basis was as a form of therapy. Writing is something I can do; I've been trained to do it, and I've done it for decades. Getting people to "do it on paper" (or the internet) is important, as I've told "The Blog Fodder." In this case, the "people" is me.

But this is different. This is about me. This is not "objective, fact-based" writing. This is risky stuff. Especially for someone who is "a conservative and introvert by nature."

I have absolutely no idea where this is going to take me. But "Musings from the deep" wants me to keep writing, bless her heart. (Of course, if things go wrong, it's her fault!) It's not that I'm irresponsible, as in won't take responsibility for my actions. I'm actually very responsible; when anything goes wrong around the house, people say I'm responsible. (Bears do not know how to lie; it is not in our nature.)

So you can all come along for the ride. If you get bored, there are a lot of other blogs out there, to which you can go.

And that's the news. I'm Rob-bear.


Gutsy Living said...

Please keep writing. What is the reason you can't go back to work? Or is that private? Why not enjoy retirement? Look forward to more postings.

Rob-bear said...

Why I can't go back to work is, for the time being, something I choose not to discuss. Perhaps some time. If you look at the labels at the bottom of the post, you'll get a hint. As for the rest, I may be a bit of an introvert, but I'm not a "retiring" person.

Unknown said...

Oh,,well keep writing and much luck with everything else !!

Natalie said...

Yay! Go Rob! You are brilliant, keep doing it, they will come.

Anonymous said...

Ah retirement. Ahhh age 60 looming on the horizon. Ahhhhh death: the next step. Yep. I'm being optimistic again.

Rob-bear said...

dani & Natalie: Thanks for the support. I'll keep at this. As someone else said, it's "Cheaper than Therapy."

dana: Retirement at 60? Not until 65 up here. Besides, neither you nor I have what could be considered "retiring" personalities. But if I live to 65 and re-tire, I want Canadian-made Michelins, not Goodyear or Goodrich.

French Fancy... said...

Well my friend, your job's loss is our gain and I really hope you don't give up on blogging or popping in to see me. If I don't see you posting regularly I'll begin to worry - so you'd better be there.

The Blog Fodder said...

Hang in there, Rob-bear. Do what you can for whom you can. I'm glad we are reconnected so I can run the tough questions past you. I'm to lazy to work and to broke to quit entirely so we are sort of on the same footing.