Tuesday, March 17, 2009


No, I'm not really missing, I've just shifted -- re-located as it were. Moving brain. Whatever.

I'm working on a piece about Autism over at another blog of mine, "The Ethical Pilgrimage." (The link is on the sidebar, in "My Blog List," just beneath my picture and bio.)

(If I could figure out how to put the link right here, I'd do that. But I'm a techno user, not a techno geek.)

I'll be back here in a few days or so, after I'm finished there.


French Fancy... said...

There is a very good blog about autism - from Zaftig to Aspie - and many of her followers also suffer from this problem.

By the way, in my recent reply to you in French over at my blog I realise I made a couple of errors. See, at least I realised afterwards - once I wouldn't even had known.

Rob-bear said...

FF - thnx. for the note. What I'm actually doing is review a mini-documentary. Three people with autism are featured -- one high-functioning, one moderate-functioning, and a child (whose mom talks). In each case the question comes up, "How much should society try to be changing these people, rather than helping them to live as they are." You'll get the hang of it when I'm finished (I hope).

Rob-bear said...

FF - P.S. -- the reason I worked for a decade in radio is that my spelling isn't all that good.

French Fancy... said...

Finished yet?

Rob-bear said...

Actually, no,

But see the next post.