Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"I write the songs, I write the songs." -- Barry Manilow

I'm writing in response to a question from "Musings from the deep" -- as in deep New South Wales, Australia. Natalie wanted to know what I wrote for these 30 years or so.

The answer -- stories. Not "the Great Canadian Novel." Just stories. And for ten years I read them on the radio. "Good (morning/afternoon/evening), I'm Rob-bear with the. . . ." Well, you know. The line doesn't change that much from time to time or place to place.

Stories. The basic building blocks of human experience and communication. Events captured in words, shared in verbal pictures. Sometimes cranked out like word-sausages from some infernal, deranged sausage machine. Sometimes crafted carefully, deliberately.

That is also the essence of blogging. We share our stories, our lives, our selves.

Same stuff; different day. But not entirely.

And that's the news. I'm Rob-bear.

(To be continued.)


Natalie said...

Sounds bear-able to wait for the next bit. Only just, though!. :D

French Fancy... said...

I had you down as a professional - must be the way you drink that beer.

Rob-bear said...

Natalie: Thnx. The next installment is "in process." Maybe today; maybe tomorrow.

FF: What beer? I don't drink beer -- I really don't like it. Maybe a Gunniess once a year, or three. So scotch that notion. Wait; did someone say, "Scotch"? Hang on; I'll be right there!

cheshire wife said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. Stories of ordinary peoples' everyday lives can be quite interesting.