Saturday, June 2, 2012


It's been a week since the Bear posted anything. Bear has been busy, and is quite tired. But Bear his here, now.

That business includes working at his "day job" of being minister in big, old Christian church. And taking pictures. And banging on pots as an expression of social protest (story for another time; Occupy Redux). And chatting with people. And solving problems. And playing with grandchildren. And looking after our daughter's house and dogs. And loving my wife. And contemplating the existential nature of the Universal Reality.

All of which is pretty normal, boring stuff, given the nature and the consummate excitement of the blogsphere.


Fortunately, Bear is not feeling depressed; Bear is just tired. This is progress of a sort. And happily interesting.

Bear apologizes for getting the alphabetic letters out of order this close to the end of the A - Z Challenge. But Bear is "linguistically challenged" some days. Meaning he is not quite sure what he is saying, or even thinking. Hence, "V" vill be along shortly. I do expect. Depending on how you define "shortly."

Blessings and Bear hugs, everyone.


Rosaria Williams said...

Busy! Your days are full of meaningful tasks.
Life is good, Bear.
"Loving my wife", you said! Now, that phrase is translated as "Rob is fully engaged in life!"
You're a lucky man, dear friend.

Inger said...

Doesn't matter to me, you know us Swedes, always getting our Vs and Ws mixed up when speaking this wonderful, or vonderful, language of yours. But I am so glad to hear the Bear is not depressed.

Rob-bear said...

® rosaria williams: I feel very fortunate, indeed. A lot of things are coming together in ways I had not anticipated.
And yes, I really am engaged in life. As are you, Rosaria. I can tell that from your every post, my friend.

® Inger: When I learned Latin, I found one pronounces V as if it is W. I've been confused about those two letters ever since. Thank you for your understanding.
And yes, I finally feel like I am getting past my depression. There are so many things about which I could be depressed. While I am sad about them, I am no longer depressed. This is an important transition.

Chatty Crone said...

That was a great post Bear. I am glad you are tired (meaning you are living life) and not depressed (but that is okay too) - sounds like you are having FUN! sandie

lotta joy said...

My happy-go-lucky days in sunshiny Florida never happened and depression got the best of me. I had to give up and see a pretend doctor over a long-going physical problem.

I'm now taking a certain medication and guess what the main side effect is.....DEPRESSION and boy, howdy. It means what it says.

I can't get myself to stand up and leave the dent in the sofa.

Irene said...

Embrace life fully, Bear. It is out there waiting for you. Do as I say, don't do as I do. At least you love your wife, that is a great big healthy thing to do. I admire that very much. It is hard to keep loving people. You also have to like tham. xox

Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like you've been doing meaningful things in the posting interim, however. :)

I'm glad to hear you're not feeling depressed!

Frances said...

Bear, perhaps you'll remember that we are just about the same age. I now often feel tired and welcome all opportunities for afternoon naps.

Today provided such an opportunity after various "day off" errands. I grabbed it. Woke up a few hours later with vague memories of some intriguing dreams.

Wishing you well as June opens up.


ReformingGeek said...

You've been a good bear. You have not destroyed automobiles, disrupted school graduations or attacked any hikers. Yippee!

I've asked Cat to take a nap for you, Bear. That and eating are his specialties.

susan said...

It sounds as though a fair number of the things you've been occupied with may have been enjoyable as well as ultimately helpful. Life can be sad but there is joy in it when sharing with others.

Rob-bear said...

® Chatty Crone: Busy bear is tired, but happier. I might even be having fun.

® lotta joy: Oh that is utterly awful! Why is it that I hear so many stories about pretend doctors in Florida? Canadian medicare is way better than that.

® Irene: Love 'em and like 'em. Yup. And I feel incredibly fortunate that she has stuck with me for so long.

® The Golden Eagle: I always try to do creative things. I am more successful some times than other times.

That gentleman's lady said...

banging on pots!!!

Sounds like a busy life for a bear in the summer regardless of pot banging :D

Hugs to you, Mr. Bear!

kj said...

nobody's keeping track of the alphabet, bear. improvise as you wish!

all these things you mention are wind for your sails. tired can also mean full up, wearily content. sometimes that is exactly how i feel. when it slips away, i want to remember it will come again. :^)


The Blog Fodder said...

Sounds like all is well. Very thankful to hear that.

Jackie said...

I am thinking that you have your priorities in the proper order and everything else will fall into perfect place in time. Continue to take care of you and know that I'm thinking of you.
Prayers for you as you continue your ministry.

Amanda Summer said...

none of this is boring - sounds like you are enjoying all of the good things in life. after so much activity sometimes it feels good to be tired. i'm so happy you are not depressed, r-bear.

sending blessings and hugs back to you,


middle child said...

Well apparently I wasn't following you. Don't take offense. It's just that I am unaware of pretty much everything. Glad I can follow you now!

Helen said...

You can relive the 50s through me if you like! I had gobs of fun, groovy fun! Dancing and laughing, playing my flute, singing, learning how to cook, meeting my future husband ~ you need to conserve all your energy for the summer months when bears do lots of roaming around, raiding picnic baskets and scooping honey from beehives!

About Last Weekend said...

That is a lot of things in your day, but many of them sound very fabulous and happy!

Rob-bear said...

® Frances: As a pair of "mature" individuals, we both entirely understand the virtues of napping. And I hope your "day off" did not turn into an "off day." That would be horrid!

® Better is Possible: Happily interesting! Indeed!

® ReformingGeek: As with humans, there are some Bears who engage in unbecoming behaviour. Sad things happen to them; some even get shot. I, on the other hand, try to be well-enough behaved that I don't end up like that.

® susan: Sharing life is one of the things which helps keep me sane. Or as least as sane as any Human can be who thinks he's a Bear.

® That gentleman's lady: Banging on pots as social protest. Something like Gandhi's march to the sea. Only noisier, I think.

Rob-bear said...

® kj: Are you sure that "nobody's keeping track of the alphabet"? Elementary school teachers of spelling, and others, might disagree with you.

® The Blog Father: Thanks you. But I must admit that sanity is sometimes overrated.

® Jackie: Thanks you for the wisdom, and encouragement. You are, indeed, a "pet."

® amanda: Life is two busy now to be anything like boring. Actually, if I don't watch out, I might have fun. (I have no idea how much fun I could stand.)

® middle child: Thanks for joining on. Offence: isn't that what you put on the property line to separate your place from your neighbours?

® Helen: Thanks you for your offer to help me re-live my childhood. But, "raiding picnic baskets and scooping honey from beehives"? Actually, raiding picnic baskets has fallen out of fashion. As have picnic baskets, in most places.

® About Last Weekend: Good grief, Jodi! I cold never do ALL of that in one day. It would be the end of me.

Which brings me to the end of my correspondence thus far. Thanks to all of you for writing.

Kat Mortensen said...

Get some sleep bear - time for a mini-hibernation for a spell.

Rob-bear said...

® Kat Mortenson: Aw; do I have to go to bed? Sulk, whimper.

Rob-bear said...

Note from Donna K. Weaver (which was eaten by Blogger)

Good thing bear's not depressed. That would be too sad

Rob-bear said...

® Donna K. Weaver: It is good that Bear is not depressed. Bear has been depressed too much of the time. (I have written about that on my blog, and elsewhere.)

Helen said...

The poem you left on Lydia's Mag comments is lovely ~~~ Bear is quite talented. (I still use a picnic basket ~ so there!)

farawayeyes said...

Some days it overtakes us all.

Diana said...

I empathize Bear. I've been very busy and therefore tired. It seems to get harder to keep up with everything the older I get, anyway that's life I suppose.
I'm happy that you took the time to post at least!! I haven't been able to make myself post something.
Get some rest and stay COOL and CALM!!! Love Di ♥

Rob Z Tobor said...

You write a good blog I am glad you are still quietly working towards Z. The pace of life we lead should be that which we are happiest leading.

Hilary said...

I have to agree with Rosaria. Including "loving my wife" in your activities is very sweet.. and I'm sure Mrs. Bear is beaming at the mention.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired too. Think I'll hibernate for the next twelve hours.

Rob-bear said...

® Helen: Thanks, that's very kind and supportive. Especially from a poet — the one who writes the woonietest stuff and believes that poetry matters. Which it does.

® farawayeyes: Indeed it does. And if we are smart, perhaps we don't fight it. At last not every time.

® Diana: We all recognize that you have been through a lot in the last year or so. Surgery takes a lot out of people, and while the scars heal in reasonable time, the whole body can take a while to get over the entire experience.

® Rob Z Tobor: Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a note. Sometimes I rush. More often, I'm perfectly happy not to rush. It seems the hurrier I go the behinder I get.

® HIlary: It's true. But Mrs. Bear does't read my blog. So she doesn't know from there. But she understands from other things.
You are quite an amazing photographer. I thoroughly enjoy visiting your blog. And congratulations on 600 posts!

® Stephen Tremp: A 12-hour hibernation is good. Longer is better for me, but to necessarily for you.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.

Inger said...

Thanks for your comment, just wanted to let you know that my dogs don't eat the lizards and mice, just kill them. So I assume that they don't taste very good to them. Or they are spoiled dogs, perhaps? Looking forward to your next post. Take care, Inger

Rob-bear said...

® Inger: The bit about your dogs killing lizards seems just bit too weird. However, you've provided some evidence, so what can I say?

As you were sending your comment to me, I was posting my next blog piece. Life overlaps like that, sometimes.