Saturday, September 3, 2011


It is the beginning of autumn in the land of the Bear.

Yes, I know; autumn doesn't really start until September 21, or thereabouts. But, well, autumn is "in the air," so let's go with experienced reality, rather than some astronomic chart.

(BTW, the Australians share something of the same experience. They fervently believe that spring starts September first.  I'm not sure whether this is some kind of universal folie à deux, or something found entirely within the "British" Commonwealth.)

Yet the signs are all here. The "younglings" are returning to school.

(Nutana Collegiate — River City's first high school, located across the street from the Bears' den)

The green leaves of summer are turning to yellow, brown, and red.

It's also Labour Day in Canada, the annual holiday to celebrating the economic and social achievements of workers. In Canada, this has been a calendar event since about 1880.

Part of the Labour Day activity in River City is a big fireworks display. The incendiaries are launched from the Broadway Bridge, a couple of hundred yards downstream from the Bears' Den. They organize the display across the river from our place,

then haul everything up on to the Bridge.

We stand in our corporate box (our balcony) and get an ideal view of the whole thing. No pictures, though; need to keep a sharp eye on the sleepy grandkids.

Nice way to end the summer!

Sadly, I have learned that there will be no Labor (American spelling) Day events across the US this year. Our reporter, Andy Borowitz, tells us that the entire holiday has been outsourced. To China. We Canadians offer our condolences to our American kin, friends, and neighbours on this loss. We hope you don't lose Thanksgiving as well.

Blessings and Bear hugs to all.


Jackie said...

Borowitz apparently has no is all in his cheek.
We (Americans) will certainly be celebrating Labor Day this coming Monday...even though the weather in the deep South is a bit inclimate due to tropical depressions and hurricanes...the celebration will go on....rain or shine.
I look forward to autumn, too. A breath of cooler air, to be sure.
Smiles from Jackie

Natalie said...

Happy Autumn Bear! And Happy Father's day to you too. xx

Craig said...

Have a good labour day Rob. We're quite far north in Scotland so once we get into September I always feel as if there is a touch of autumn about it.

Frances said...

Bear, I also think of the beginning of September as the beginning of autumn, perhaps even a sort of beginning of a new year. I get more energy from cooler weather after hot summer lethargy.

Our Labor Day will be tomorrow, and ... I will celebrate by working! Got to keep that economy going don't you know.

Andy B is one funny fellow. You are one amusing Bear. xo

Exmoorjane said...

Yeah, it's autumn alright, my friend. For once Blogger is allowing me to comment and I am so stunned I bearly (ho ho) know what to say...byut thank you for all your comments, and know that I DO read the bear's words, even if I don't always reply! jxx

Helen said...

Oh Bear ... as long as there are turkeys to roast we will have Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holiday and the fireworks. (I will never be too old to feel that excitement bubbling up when the first blast goes off.)


Unemployment Day will be on schedule. Same day every year, but without enthusiasm.

I'm hoping with all my heart, as the seasons shift and change, I will come full circle to the point where I was several years ago: rejoicing in Florida. So far, it's been hotter in Indiana than here. I'm hoping it will also be a lot colder this winter and full of snowstorms, cuz I'm nice like that.

Rubye Jack said...

The Chinese can keep Labor Day but I would prefer they not take Thanksgiving. I am so happy summer is passing on its wicked way and only hope it never comes back again.

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm not looking forward to the end of a short summer here. Happy Labor Day!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

It felt like autumn here this morning, but doesn't yet look like it. I think I'm ready!

Rob-bear said...

® Teacher's Pet: Hope you have a great day celebrating, come firestorm or typhoon. And I hope you have a great autumn. Smiles back to you. Thanks

® Natalie: Looking forward to autumn. Thanks for the Fathers' Day wish, but up here, Father's Day is in June.

® Craig: Hope you have a great autumn. How does Boris feel about the season?

Rob-bear said...

® Frances: Happy Laboring Day! And yes, Andy is funny. And thanks for saying that I'm amusing. (Other folk might use different words.)

® ExmoorJane: Thanks for reading, and replying when you can. Blogger can be a bit of a bogger, can't it?
Happy autumn to all of you in the Bonkers House. Even ASBO Jack.

® Helen: Thinking of Thanksgiving — there are lots of turkeys in the United States; some with wings, some without. Just make sure you cook the right kind.
Glad you enjoy fireworks. They are such fun, especially for our "corporate box." A real blast, you might say.

Rob-bear said...

® Beau's Mom: "Unemployment Day." Such a fitting label for these days. Thanks.
And I do hope your winter in Florida is wonderful for you!

® Towanda: I must admit that I share your opinion of summer. And Autumn — my favourite time of the year.
However, I'm reliably informed that we'll have another summer next year. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

® Rosaria: Autumn doesn't come for another couple of weeks, so you've still got time to enjoy summer.
Thanks for the best wishes. Hope your Labor Day is a good one.

® Karen: Appearances can be deceiving, can't they. Still, hope yo have a grand autumn.

That gentleman's lady said...

Ah man, losing Thanksgiving would be the heights of it!

Manzanita said...

I'm still waiting for summer in Montana. But, I too, think of Sept 1 as being the sharp demarcation line between summer and autumn. Each season brings us it's own gracious beauty.
May pleasant days find you.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

It will be some time before we begin to get the winds of autumn although we have seen much of the winds of Tropical Storm Lee! He brought more than a bucketfull of rain, too!


ain't for city gals said...

For some reason I think we? us? the West think of it as fall not Autumn.. .whatever it is called I am ready for it...I have to second what exmoorjane said..I try to comment lots but sometimes I just give up...but will try again to let you know I am still here reading....

Golden Eagle said...

The trees are beginning to change here as well; and the public schools start up again tomorrow. But it's warm, and a lot like summer still.

I think Thanksgiving will stick around for a while . . . though the meaning of the day is too often lost.

Happy Labo(u)r Day!

Rob-bear said...

® That gentleman's lady: Thanks so much for dropping by the Bear's place.
Yes, indeed; no thanksgiving would be an unhappy experience, for those other than turkeys.

® Manzanita: And thank you for coming over. I must say, just watching you in action wears me out. Completely.
No summer in Minnesota? So strange. We got summer a few hundred miles north. In fact, ours was the driest on record. All very peculiar.

® Genie — Paris and Beyond: Well, Lee may have dampened your atmosphere and ground, but apparently not your spirit! Great.

® Better is Possible: We're supposed to be getting 30° temps in River City, too, this week. But if I were a betting man, I'd bet against that. Too late in the year for those highs. (Now that I said that, it will get hot, just to make me look like a fool.)
Happy Labour Day to you and the rev., too.

Suburbia said...

Great to have your own private viewing!

Love summer, it's a long time until it comes around again...

Suburbia said...

Oh, also in answer to your question long ago;

Yes I am working, not so many hours as I need but jobs are scarce and although I have been promised more, times are hard and cuts mean any hours are absorbed back into the school to take up the shortfall.

Still, something will come along, as long as it doesn't take forever!

Hope you are ok? :-)

Rob-bear said...

® ain't for city gals: You remind me of the one thing I miss from growing up in the East. The red leaves were abundant there in the fall; here, I hardly see any.
Sorry blogger has been unfriendly. Thanks for letting me know of you're continued interest. I love your trailer tails. Hope your dad is good.

® The Golden Eagle: Well, it seems like you're getting a mix of seasons. Which is wonderful.
And yes; I think we'll hang on to Thanksgiving.
And love your understanding of the English language (Canadian vs. American). Happy Labo(u)r Day to you, too!

Rob-bear said...

® Suburbia: Great to have a great view. Indeed.
And it will be a while before we're hot again. We go from -40°C in the winter (-40°F, too) to 40°C in the summer (104°F). I don't particularly love the extremes. Somewhere between 15°C (59F) and 20C (68F) would be just dandy, with some variations.
Sorry to hear of your less-Labour Day, and year. Sigh!
And me? I'm all right for the shape I'm in. :) Thanks for asking.

Just Two Chicks said...

Ha! This blog is so fitting. ALL of America is being outsourced. Right after the wife sold her half of her company, they lost a huge client due to outsourcing... not to China though. I can't remember the country, the point is, this month, there was no increase in jobs, the market is down, and well, we're either flooding or burning due to drought. What a mess this country is in... but hey, we have the RIght WIng keeping us morally in line... perhaps we'll all make it to heaven after we've destroyed ourselves.

Rob-bear said...

® Just Two Chicks: Sorry things are such a mess. I'm glad I'm not living in it. But I am sad for those who are.
Thanks for the story, BTW. About what I expected. Scary times.
And if you've destroyed yourselves, there may not even be a Heaven left. Sigh!

Posie said...

Ooh and it is blowing a hoolie here and pelting down with rain, I don't know about autumn, I think the winter is here today!! Lovely sunny photos bear, enjoy those sleepy grand kids, best wishes.

About Last Weekend said...

Wow, you have a splendid view from you home in the sky and nice to hear that you spend so much time with the grandkids.

Rob-bear said...

® Posie: Your weather sounds like it isn't fit even for a Bear.
But I think you're pushing the seasons a bit by talking of winter. Unless winter is rainy instead of snowy.
Bright shiny day and 29°C (or almost 85F), here in the land of the Bear.
And I'll keep hanging on to the grandkids. You betcha!

® About Last Weekend: Yes, we have a great view. And great grandkids (as opposed to great-grandkids).