Monday, August 29, 2011


For some reason, I haven't been doing much book reading lately. I've been busy on the internet, with blogs and other articles (particularly journal items related to medicine and medical ethics).

So I decided to become more intentional about reading of things other than electronic. (No, I don't have a Kindle account.)

The challenge is that I rarely read fiction. I always think there's more interesting and important reading to do. But that's life when you're a Bear.

Only One Way Left. This is a re-read of a book by the founder of the renewed, rebuilt Iona Community, George McLeod. Celtic Christian insights into everyday life.

Living with Chronic Illness: Days of Patience and Passion. Cheri Register's book talks about what the title says. It's based on her experience, and the experience of other living with chronic illness.

A History of Wales. John Davies book, originally entitled Hanes Cymru in Welsh, begins with data from pre-historic times, and ends with material from about 1990. A lot has happened in Wales since, but to understand the present, one needs to know something of the past.

The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Journey to Wholeness. The book, by Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham, focuses on our ordinary life, with all it's imperfections — which they say are the norm. It's learning to live with those imperfections which helps us. Quite a bit of material from Alcoholics Anonymous is included.

God Hates Religion: How the Gospels Condemn False Religious Practice. Christopher Levan, retired Principal of a Canadian theological college, tackles the contemporary frustrations of church people and others, who are seeking a wholesome, lived Christianity in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. (I'm wondering if  it might be a commentary applicable to the "Christian Right" in both Canada and the U.S.)

Hmmm. Well, that'll keep me going for a while. If I miss your blog, you'll know what I've been reading other things, and haven't got to you. Yet.

Blessings and (gentle) Bear hugs, friends!

On my Bears Noting blog I have included some notes from Saturday's funeral for Jack Layton.


Rubye Jack said...

I've never been very good with non-fiction, preferring to get captured up into other worlds with fiction. Suze recommended some non-fiction awhile back but I don't have the discipline and focus for it. However, I think I'll check out Only One Way Left, Living with Chronic Illness (of course), and The Spirituality of Imperfection. I use the library so it only costs me $2 a book (they always have to order them for me it seems).

Thanks for the recommendations Bear!

Oh yeah, I changed my user name to Lawanda, after the Kathy Bates character in "Green Fried Tomatoes". I find there are too many people posting who are named Linda. Reminds me of grade school.


At least I'll know I've lost you to better authors than I!!

Jackie said...

Hi Bear. Gentle hugs rightback atcha.
I don't have a Kindle either. I bought one for my husband, and he really likes it.
As you read, I hope that you enjoy every moment. Continue to take the best care of you.
Smiles from Jackie

Rob-bear said...

® Lawanda: Happy reading! BTW, do you like fried green tomatoes?

® Beau's Mom: You haven't lost me, it's just that I'm broadening my reading horizon. Or something like that.

® Teacher's Pet: I read for fun and education (which I enjoy). I'll be sure to savour the moments as I read. And you take care, too. Thanks.

Tattieweasle said...

Oooohh a History of Wales - perfect reading I'd say but there again I'm just a tiny bit biased being of the blood! Happy reading!

Rob-bear said...

® Tattie Weasle: The story goes that my mother's family came from Wales. So I'm just reading up on "family history." :))

Kristy said...

I will try to check out the chronic pain book. It sounds good. I just ordered Jack Laytons book on homelessness. I also love autobiographys and biographys. I dod love fiction as sometimes fiction can burn me out.

Rob-bear said...

® Kristy: I'm just getting into the book on chronic illness. Perhaps we could compare notes, if you can find the book.
BTW: What's the title of Jack's book on homelessness? That is a project on which I'm working in my retirement.

Kristy said...

My other comment was full of typos. What I was trying to say is I like fiction because I burn out on nonfiction. Anyway, yes the name of the book is homelessness. I found it on Amazon real cheap. I thought it would be interesting. I have always been interested in social dynamics and social problems.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I love to read period. Although I am discriminating, I am always open to new genres, and for the record, I do not have a Kindle or other electronic reader. I prefer the smell of books (weird, right?_


Rob-bear said...

® Kristy: Thanks, again.

® Genie: yes, I know the whole feel and smell of books is grand. Plus, one can underline and make notes in the margin, thereby having a conversation with the author.

Craig said...

I kind of enjoy fiction to as I like the escape that it offers. But your history of Wales sounds like a good read!

Golden Eagle said...

No Kindle here, either. I still prefer paper and ink, much of the time.

A History of Wales sounds like an interesting book--it must cover a lot of history.

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm totally addicted to fiction, preferring modern novelists. Now and then, I dip into interesting stuff in science or history.

Jackie said...

August 30, 2011
Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, Rob.
Hugs and love to you both.

About Last Weekend said...

I read voraciously and mostly fiction, I like getting caught up in the imaginary and sometimes another invented life makes you think more about your own. Find it really difficult to get through non-fiction but Like the look of these, especially the one about Wales, (I lived very near to Tintern Abbey for a while...) Our book did read God is Not Good, what did you think of that?

Amanda Summer said...

fabulous book list, r-bear. and how can i ignore a book with the title, god hates religion?

Rob-bear said...

® Craig: My wife reads a lot of fiction, particularly historical fiction. But there are just too many good non-fiction books for me to pass up.

® Golden Eagle: Thanks. There seem to be a number of us who find it hard to kindle an affair with electronic books.

® Rosaria: Another fiction lover. Wonderful.

® Teacher's Pet: Thanks for the anniversary greetings, Jackie. Much appreciated!

Rob-bear said...

® About Last Weekend: Thanks for sharing your reading preferences. The Welsh history is a bit dry, but good.
I haven't heard about God is not Good. Who is the author?

® Amanda: Thanks for sharing. I thought that book might catch your attention.