Friday, April 1, 2011

ANOMALLY (A-Z Challenge)

An anomaly is something out of the ordinary. Something that isn't the norm, or standard, or what's expected.

Thus, "a Bear writing a blog is an anomaly." As is the A-Z Challenge.

You're totally confused? So am I!

Maybe I'll figure that out by tomorrow.


Lydia said...

I am sure of this: anomaly has never been described as a Bear writing a blog. Not ever!

potsoc said...

A blog writing a Bear, now that would be an anomaly, I guess. What is more one must first define normal, if it exists, before claiming something is an anomaly.

Rosaria Williams said...

Well, we know what what kind of bear you are; and we know that your kind and your blog all fit nicely together. Hope you're all settled in at your new diggs.

Rosaria Williams said...

Glad to see taking up the A-Z challenge!

The Blog Fodder said...

How about a brown bear ordering a beer in the bar in Brock? Rest of the shaggy dog story some other time.

Rob-bear said...

® Lydia: So, this gives me a chance to start something. Thanks for the idea.

® potsoc: Normally, Bears don't write blogs. Where, for example, have you seen another Bear writing a blog? I rest my case.

® rosaria: You're very sweet. What, exactly do you want from me?
Our move to our new "diggs" (good word to describe a Bear's den) has been delayed. We're not ready to move, and our apartment isn't ready for us. That's the A to Z of that story.

® Blog Fodder: Is there a bar in Brock? I don't remember; I was only there once, when J was doing a funeral (I gave her a ride out, and back).
But, considering the size of Brock, yeah, there could be a bar. What else would there be in town?
That said, the Bear doesn't like beer so probably wouldn't order one in a bar in Brock. Single-malt Scotch, please.

Dannelore said...

This was one of my dad's vocab words recently! Just came by to show some love and say thanks for the bear hugs!

Rob-bear said...

® dannifoley: Thank you for coming by.

With, "one of my dad's vocab words," you gained my undivided attention. "So," asked the journalist, "what vocab words, and what is your dad doing with them?"

No, I'm not asking for a public explanation, but that bit caught my eyes, mind, and imagination.

@$#%$^&* journalists; always poking round!

Anonymous said...

At least THIS WAY I'll have a post to read every day from you. Next, do the Greek alphabet, then Latin. Who knows? You might get used to posting more and hibernating less.