Monday, April 4, 2011


A blogging friend, and friend of cats, tells a story of trying to befriend one such creatures. (Cats don't have friends, they only have servants; that's another story.)

This stray wandered into the family house, and my friend, taking pity on the cat, took it out to the back porch, and tied to brush it clean.

The cat took umbrage, scratched the girl (as she was at the time), and got away — never to be seen again. That's the way she tells it.

For the cat, it was liberation.

For the writer, it was a cat-astrophe.

(You saw that coming, didn't you!)

P.S.: If I could remember which friend it was, I'd give her credit and a link.


Unknown said...

Smiles Rob; thanks for this, I haven't even had my coffee as yet!

Amber T. Smith said...

Cats are definitely in charge of humans, no question. A perfect post for me as I love cats! I also, on first impression, have a feeling I will like your blog, so I am following. Good luck with the A-Z! And thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

Tess Kincaid said...

Servants, indeed!

Rob-bear said...

® Gaston Studio: Whoa. Before coffee? I feel honoured. And a bit terrified, Jane. How is your move coming along?

® Tundeil: Shw mae? Rob 'dw i. (OK, that's the sum total of my Welsh, courtesy BBC Wales. Long story.)

Thank you so much coming to visit, and deciding to follow. If you are the Queen of Procrastination, I'm probably the Duke. I hope you'll enjoy returning, through A-Z or at other times. I hope to see you regularly, too.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, for Heaven's sakes, Tess; dogs have owners, cats have staff. Rule one of the domesticated animal world. Another reason why I'm a "dog person."

Anonymous said...

Hey, cats can cause serious damage. My sister's lifelong beloved cat was sitting beside her, purring, and suddenly, without warning, attacked her so savagely she ended up being hospitalized and the sheriff made an emergency run, 200 miles to Indianapolis with the cat's...uh...head in a cooler to check for rabies.

She's now a dog person.

Anonymous said...

I've started posting my manuscript again, and I hope to continue until the entire book has been placed on my blog. This way, at least someone will get to read it.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Ah, yes! I am a cat person (who also loves dogs but partial to cats) and my favorite is that a dog will act all excited about running after a ball jumping and leaping in anticipation. A cat will turn his back and perhaps give you a brief glance as if to say, "get it yourself."

Love your humor today, Bear!


Amanda Summer said...

didn't see that coming, r-bear, and it did get a chuckle out of me.

btw the saying that cats do not have friends, they have servants, is soooooo true. but one of the things that makes them so darn attractive.


Diana said...

That was a good one Bear!
Love Di ♥

Brenda Susan said...

We definitely do not own cats, they consider us to be highly honored by their mere presence. But a dog, oh they know how to love unconditionally!

Rob-bear said...

® Dana: Poor Bev! Wise to be a dog person. And yes, I've already visited Nelda.

® Genie: Such an appropriate differentiation in the characters of cat and dog!

® Amanda: The sign of my mythical office door says, "Beware the peculiar Bear." Glad you had chuckle. Cats? Attractive? Surely you jest!

Rob-bear said...

® Di: Another free service for our esteemed guests.

® Brenda Susan: Glad you clarified the distinction between owning a cat and having a dog. Cats have staff (who they will Bearly tolerate); dogs have owners and are loyal and enthusiastic.

About Last Weekend said...

Funnily enough my parents (In Ohope Beach, New Zealand) had a cat very similar, but she deigned to stay. They said she would slink in, put in her eyeliner, have a snack and slink out. We called her Sam. Eventually, after many many years she disappeared behind the sofa very quietly and died. Even then she did it her way, without fuss or fluster.

nollyposh said...

Hee! Hee! My favorite one about cats (As we have one) is... Cats were once treated as Gods by the Egyptians... and they have never forgotten that! X;-)

Rob-bear said...

® ALW: Thanks for the story. I'm sure the cat lovers will enjoy it.

® nollyposh: Thanks for coming by.

Delightful note about posh cats, and their divine history.

Lydia said...

Cute post. I do that all the time, forget where I read something most fine that I want to share. Hopefully, we all understand that it happens (busy lives, multi-tasking, some people even involved in moving...or so I've heard).

Rob-bear said...

® Lydia: There are times when the grey stuff inside my head turns from brain to silly putty.
I appreciate the understanding. Thanks.