Sunday, November 28, 2010


Snuggled away
in his firm-grounded den
resting on layers of fur and fat
Bear dreams
of a greening world
springing forth as winter recedes,
fresh grasses
first leaves of flowers
last year's berries
and cones of evergreens
perhaps the body of
a deer which died overwinter
and has been frozen in the snow.

And through all
Bear relishes the warm sun
relaxing stiff joints
relieving tight muscles
bringing old fur to new life,
and smells the fresh,
soft-scented air.

Bear dreams of
a good world.


potsoc said...

"Bear dreams of a good world", don't we all?

Rob-bear said...

® potsoc: We do, indeed. Let's hope we can turn dreams into realities.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you -- dreaming of sun and warmth.

Jackie said...

Bear has a pen and can write!!
Write on warm bear...

Diana said...

I knew Bear could write a poem about hibernation! How perfectly wonderful!
Love Di ♥

Gutsy Living said...

You still have a long winter before your dream turns into reality don't you? Or perhaps bear now lives in the southern hemisphere.

Rob-bear said...

® Dedine: Always happy to share my den with those in need. And my dreams with those who love to dream.

® Teacher's Pet: Bear also has a five-stringed banjo, and can play — well enough to entertain children who will indulge me in my musician fantasy.

® Diana: This poetry stuff is actually new to Bear. I'll keep writing right, or something like that. All right?

® GursyWriter: It'll be a while, but not that long. We only get about five months of winter, and the first month is almost gone. I'll keep dreaming about the reborn world of spring.

Unknown said...

My goodness Bear, winter's just begun and you're already wishing for a green spring! Love your line, "Bear dreams of a good world."

Amanda Summer said...

bear dreams of a good world........

you and me both, dear bear --- you and me both.


Anonymous said...

But winter has just begun! How nice of you to dream of two things so far away, as if they were near. A good world, and the end of winter.