Friday, November 19, 2010


In this case, a poem written a few days ago, before the cold and snow of winter set in.

On rough rock outcropping
Bear surveys
the meadow below
wearing its autumn shawl
ere winter sets in.

Squirrels dart and chatter.
Rabbits nibble a little
of summer’s leftovers
then scatter.
The lone coyote lies low,
waiting for another chance
to dine.

Bear sees them all
living in their own ways
yet in some sacred harmony
that makes the view seem good,
and relishes their re-acquaintance
come spring.


The Blog Fodder said...

Very nice reading. Thanks, poet!

Angela said...

Dear Rob, thank you for coming over to my blog! I liked very much what you said on Natsy`s, and come to think of it, also what I found on Snow`s. We must be of around the same age, with a lot of life experience (I am a grandmother too, but feel like a young girl, with more wisdom). Your winter sounds very tough for me! Go and hibernate now, Bear! Love from Angela in Germany

Jean said...

Lovely poem, thanks for letting us read it.

Rob-bear said...

® You're welcome, BF.

® Angela: Thanks for coming to visit here. It is quite possible that we're similar in age. (I turned 65 in September, and retired, after having been on disability for several years.)

® Jean: Glad you enjoyed the poem. I may write some more; it's a side of me that I'm just beginning to explore.
Hope you're feeling better.

potsoc said...

Nice poem, keep exploring your poetic side.

Lori said...

I like this! Kind of describes where I live too. I think it's neat that you are exploring your creative side. Happy weekend to you and yours. XX

Rosaria Williams said...

Do set down for a long winter's nap, dear friend. No time to dally.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Bear, I like your poetry very much and think that your reflections are heartfelt. Please share some more...


Natalie said...

Very nice, Bearet.

I see we are getting more and more friends in common and that is lovely to see. :)

Diana said...

What a poet you are Rob! I loved your Autumnal poem. Now that the snow has settled in perhaps you should give us a winter poem about hibernation?
Interesting thought.
Love Di ♥

Gutsy Living said...

Poetry to keep you young and creative. I cannot write poetry. Happy you're exploring this side of you. What next? Painting?

Rob-bear said...

You folks are all so very kind! Thank you.

® potsoc and Lori: Thank you for the encouragement.

® lakeviewer: Well, I did get to sleep at one point. But since the solar alarm clock went off too early, I just can't get back to it.
Even been woken up after two hours sleep and been awake for the rest of the night? You understand, Rosaria.

® Genie (and others): If you keep reading, I'll keep writing. But really, those were just a few lines that came together.

® Natsy: Thanks. And great minds think alike! (Let's leave it at that.)
And who is that little blue critter?

® Diana: A poem about hibernation. Written during my sleep? Hmmmm.

® Gutsy Writer: To be truthful, Sonia, I can't write poetry, either. Some things "just happen." Given everything you've done, you would probably make a great poet, if you gave it another shot.
As for painting, see my post from back on April 25th. (I think there's a "painting" label on it.)
P.S.: Love your new profile picture.

Hilary said...

Lovely poem. It certainly reflects the way of Nature.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.. it's always nice to see new faces.

Tess Kincaid said...

Autumn shawl. I love that.