Thursday, August 19, 2010


My blogging Aussie friend, Natalie, raised a good question with me about the "Craziness in Church" post on my Desert Epiphanies blog: "Why can't you post this stuff on your other blog? Was there a reason in particular?" (This, Chrome on the Range, is the "other blog" to which Natalie is referring.)

A good question. As a curious human being, and die-hard journalist, I like good questions.

The short answer is that, if I posted everything here, it would be a real "mish-mash" of stuff. Health and ethics issues. Religious/faith issues. Journalistic/historical/philosophical issues. And the "ordinary stuff of life" issues, which is what I focus on here. People would never know what they're getting when they come on to this blog. Better to give people options of what they want to follow, and considering this my "home base," from which they can move, if they want.

That's my inclination. Do others among you have any observations? I would very much like to know. That would be helpful. Really.


Jean said...

I favour keeping blogs separate for different themes. Stuff that appeals to one set of followers would put another set off and you would lose them. I think people like to know what to expect and don't like to see political stuff on a fun blog or frivolous stuff on a serious blog. If you link them, people can always check out the other blogs.

Amanda Summer said...

i think blogs express one's personality. i don't have a problem with those that mix recipes, poems, fotos. life's a mishmash anyway, so why should blogs be any different?

however, if it makes better sense to you to keep things separate, then power to you -- after all, it's your blog. the important thing is that it makes sense to you.

Gutsy Living said...

Theme is always a struggle, but it seems that the blogging world, just like the journalistic world wants consistency. At least that's what I say at my blogging lectures, but I do like random stuff, as long as it's interesting.

ain't for city gals said...

For me I have time to click on one blog per person....I usually just don't click on the other's all your writing..your theme, your thoughts...if I click on Chrome on the Range and you direct me to the other blog..I just don't anymore...not enough time in my world..