Friday, August 13, 2010


Almost all of us, at one time of another (or perhaps continuously), take medications — often in the form of pills. When these work well, they are very helpful.

But things can go wrong with them. Either the medications can upset our body more than they help, or they combine with other medicines to cause problems.

I recently went through such a problem, and thought I would take some time and reflect on it.

Hope you can give the matter some though.


Unknown said...

So sorry you had a problem with your meds Rob-Bear. I don't take anything regularly, but when something is prescribed, I do two things: I first talk to my pharmacist and then I google the prescription. I want to know what I put in my body and what the consequences might be!

Amanda Summer said...

very thought-provoking and timely. i believe we are always responsible for our own health, of course along with folks we can rely on such as pharmacists and physicians. yet they need to play a crucial role as well by helping us be on the lookout for potential drug interactions - we need to work together as a team. i'm sorry to hear you've had some troubles with this -- hope you're feeling better soon ~~

Amanda Summer said...

and then we have this to worry about

cheshire wife said...

Sorry to learn that you are having problems. I hope that your medication can be sorted out so that you feel yourself again. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a case of trial and error to find out which medicine suits an individual and does not interact with established medications. But now, for almost every condition, there is a range of possible alternatives.