Sunday, April 4, 2010

AH, SPRING . . .

Spring is sprung

(last patch of snow in our yard)
The grass is riz

I wonder where the birdies is?

(certainly not at our feeders)

They say the bird is on the wing,

but that's absurd

'cause everybody knows

the wing is on the bird.
(Or perhaps the Gryphon.)

I hope you are having a wonderful spring,

wherever you are!

(or autumn, if you're in the south.)


Lee said...

It's autumn in this neck of the woods and very pleasant it is too. A tad dry but pleasant.

Rob-bear said...

®Lee: I hope not so dry as to encourage winter fires. Or were you referring to your sense of humour?

Annie said...

We are really seeing the signs of spring over here and it's wonderful to see. It's my fav time of year. I have blogged some of the pics from around our garden if you'd like to see.
A x

Natalie said...

Weather was gorgeous for most of Easter. Lovely Autumn in Natsy's woods. :)

Anonymous said...

We always said it thusly:

Spring has sprung.
The grass has rizz.
I wonder where the flowers is.

Close enough!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a delightful post, dear Rob! Such wonderful wordplay...and fun photos! I loved it! I hope that you and Sadie are thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather...and the thaw! Big Hugs, Janine

Rob-bear said...

®Wipso: I'll be right over to check your flowers.

®Natalie: Glad you're having a wonderful autumn.

®Dana: Didn't know that variation on the verse. In our case, sadly, the flowers "isn't."

®Janine: Yeah I'm working on recovering more of my sense of humour (such as it is). Miss Sadie and I are having lots of walks in the warmer weather. Snow is gone, except from the big sand bar in the river. But even when that sand bar is covered with ice and show, the birds still know where it is. Amazing, for a bunch of "bird brains."

Gutsy Living said...

Finally, no more snow. I leave for New Mexico tomorrow with my 15-year-old. We shall drive to Roswell where it was 90F today. More later. Enjoy the sprung spring.

Rob-bear said...

®Sonia: Sorry, but 90°F sounds like mid-summer, not spring. Hope you can stay cool in the process

French Fancy... said...

I loved all the images - especially the picture ones - hieroglyphics for our age, eh?

Hope life is better for you these days, Rob - now that the snow has gone.

Rob-bear said...

®FF: Hieroglyphics? I must have missed something when I was putting that post together. But I've been a pretty slow-witted Bear of late; I'll re-examine the work. Thanks for the "heads up."

Paul C said...

Yes, magnolia is budding and about to burst. Love to know more about the gryphon.

Rob-bear said...

®Paul: You've obviously read up on the Gryphon. The emblem on the front of our "estate wagon" (not that we have an "estate") is the flag of Wales. The oral history of my mother's family is that it's origins are Welsh. That's the connection.

French Fancy... said...

Oh, they weren't hieroglyphics then? What were they- those little images?

Thank you for remembering I don't like fondant icing (or marzipan)

French Fancy... said...

I just c&p'd a line of what I am calling the 'hieroglyphics' and this is what I got

*I hope you are having a wonderful spring*

How odd - in the post itself I am seeing lots of little images but c&p'd here they come out as proper words. No - I am not going mad :)

Rob-bear said...

®FF: Glad you figured out the hieroglyphics. You had me going there for a while.

And no, you're not going mad — at least no madder than the rest of the inhabitants of blogland.