Sunday, January 24, 2010


We are having just a bit of a winter storm here. Environment Canada posted a "Winter Storm Warning" about 43 hours ago, and it's been snowing ever since. Not heavy snow; tiny flakes that kept coming, and coming, and coming. I don't know exactly how much snow we have, but it's banked up against our basement windows. I'm guessing at least 20 cms (about 8 inches). And the wind came up overnight; 70 kph (about 40 mph). Not a lot of fun.

And there is so much snow that Sadie isn't really getting out. I took her for a walk after supper yesterday, but traction was so bad, it was difficult getting anywhere. It was a short walk. Today, no walking at all.

I've cleared the walkway beside the house twice since this snow began. But that was pretty useless, as you can see.

I have to encourage Sadie a lot just to go outside and get off the porch. So after supper today, I cleared the sidewalks for the third time and made a circuit in the back yard for Sadie. She loves it!

But we're not alone, in terms of feeling "snowed in." City Transit pulled all its buses off the streets earlier today, because the going was so difficult. I do hope they get enough plowed that people can get to wherever tomorrow (Monday). Meanwhile, a lot of activities were canceled today, because of the snow.

I stayed on our nice warm basement, with the gas heater, drinking tea and think deep, Bear-like thoughts. Sadie was here; J came down, too. Whole family together!


Wendy said...

Drinking tea in a nice warm basement with the family - sounds so lovely!

Annie said...

Thankfully our snow has now all gone. We have the promise of more to come but I'm hoping it doesn't stay long. I had 2 weeks with very little work because my customers couldn't get to me [and that doesn't pay the bills!]. We have just opened a new craft shop blog and there is a Gift draw going on over there if you fancy a peep.
Hope you can all stay warm and cosy and spring comes very soon.
A x

cheshire wife said...

We never seem to tire if photos of snow. I am surprised that life in Canada has come to a standstill because of snow. I thought that it was organised and used to the snow. Keep warm.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for popping by my blog. I am hanging about your blog for a while, as Meatloaf is playing.......brings back lots of memories for me. I think I will post the you tube video on my blog on Wednesday of the song.

Anyhow, back to answering your question. Since the Honda plant was built in Alliston, the population has doubled to around the 20,000 mark, so I would call it a town. We are an hour and a bit east of Waterloo, which is a lovely place, our daughter went to Waterloo university for her degree, and she would love to go back there to live.

Hope you have time to pop by again, by the way we got the rain instead of your snow, but it has now turned to snow, but only a fluttering nothing exciting.

I plan on visiting again, as I like your music!!

Gill in Southern Ontario

Reasons said...

Hibernation is the only way forward for bears this time of year. Keep warm and enjoy the tea x

Jackie said...

I love the music on your playlist... :)
Brings back lots of memories.
Stay warm...(I only see snow in photos...)

Rob-bear said...

Wendy: Sitting in front of the fireplace beats pushing the car out of a snowbank. Bear is clever that way.

Wipso: Customers can't find you in the snow? Not good; "doesn't pay the bills."

CW: I'm glad you like the pictures. It's not that we get this kind of snow every weekend. Just often enough to really mess things up. (The city contracts private equipment to help when this happens.) Thursday should be "normal."

Gill: Thanks for visiting. I graduated from WLU in '68, to which I went straight out of High School. You can figure from that just about how old the Bear is. Or how ancient. ;)

Reasons (J): With all the contact I've had with humans, I've lost the knack of hibernating. But I sleep lots in this kind of weather. (Think of this as Montreal on the prairies, with lots of snow.)

TP: Welcome to the Range, too. Before I did radio news, I was a "record player" (i.e., "disk jockey" — Statler Brothers, ABBA, Gordon Lightfoot, etc., etc.). I love music, but news is much more interesting. I'm still a journalist, but on my terms, now. I let them come to me, and they do. BTW, amazing school — looks like a fun learning atmosphere, which is half the "battle"!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I just wanted to tell you I mentioned you in my post today (Wednesday) and I did a link back to your blog, I hope you don't mind.

Gill in Southern Ontario

(Feel I should hang about for a bit as the Air Supply song is on, and once again it's great!!)

Rob-bear said...

® Hi, Gil: Thanks for the backlink; appreciate that. And the Meatloaf videos were awesome. Probably my favorite Meatloaf song is "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad." It's really sad, but it's powerful. I like the logo you've got up. And I love the recipes; don't know where you get them. Will read your column later.
P.S.: Now playing — "For Crying Out Loud."

Renee said...

I love the snow Rob and we have had lots of it too.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Boy George playing now, so hanging around for the four minutes!!

Wanted to say thank you for your comments about my first column. I write how I talk and how I think, nothing fancy about me. I just hope I can get a following.

Any suggestions, tips etc, would be greatly appreciated.

Gill in Southern Ontario

Rob-bear said...

® Renee: Glad you love the show; we've got lots of it! I think you're getting more, too

® Gill: You'll probably get a following, but may never know how many followers or who they are. That's the way the "business" is.

Natalie said...

I am glad Bears are clever. Far better than a slippery ole bear. :)

Tattieweasle said...

Berlimey if they pulled teh buses etc where you are it must be very difficult being a bear or even a Sadie at present - hoping it's not too bad now!