Saturday, June 27, 2009


Actually, the dux are down at the river, and I've been too busy fixing house to pay any attention to them. There are also about a bazillion Canada Geese all along the river -- and on the sand bars in the river. We'll be sending them down to visit you Americans in a few months. (As I mentioned elsewhere, its part of the Free Trade Deal we have with you Americans.)

The surprise -- the arrival of some baby Cedar Waxwings. (I think they are really beautiful birds; you judge for yourselves from the picture.) We have tried to encourage them by planting a Mountain Ash tree in our yard; they really like Mountain Ash berries. This is the first year in seven or eight that we've seen adults around in the summer. (A couple of winters ago, a flock flew in and stripped all the berries off the tree in about 15 minutes flat.) But no, this is summer, and only a pair. But they still like our tree.

I was working outside this evening, and behold -- waxwing parents with waxwing babies! I think they must have nested in a tree in the next-door neighbour's yard. So you know how much work I accomplished tonight.
(This Bear is REALLY for the birds -- but you already knew that.)

So, some summer excitement after all! And I even get to share it with you!


Natalie said...

They are pretty little birds for sure. :D

Rob-bear said...

® And they're very soft, too, Natalie. One it them hit a window and killed itself years ago. Softest feathers I've ever felt. (For years my Mom used to catch birds, put a band on one of their legs, and then release the birds -- government research project -- so I've had a lot of different birds in my hands when I helped her.)