Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is Freeda, Sleeping at Home

Freeda was an ol' galoot of a dog (my term of endearment for her, which I'm sure she didn't understand). To see her, you would swear she was part St. Bernard -- given her size and conformation. She was 13+ years old. Often when I went to visit, she would put her head on my knees, and we would look into each others' eyes, while I stroked her, and called her an "ol' galoot."

Our son and daughter-in-law adopted/rescued her from the local SPCA animal shelter, long before the grandkids were born. Freeda could have knocked the grandkids over by just nudging them. Though she wasn't particularly bright, she was pretty gentle. One of my favorite pictures of her is of her sleeping on the floor, with the two grandkids sleeping with her, their heads rested on her.

This is Freeda in the Back of My Estate Wagon

She is going for a ride to the Small Animal Clinic of our Veterinary Hospital at the University. She couldn't get in by herself, so our son loaded her in, then snapped this shot.

On Monday, she had a seizure. Some quick action by our son kept her alive. But she wasn't "right" and her back legs would hardly work. So last night UniGal called and asked if I could give her and Freeda for a ride to the Clinic this morning.

Sure, of course I could.

When we got there, she took Freeda into the clinic, then asked me if I could go back to her office and "sign off" on some research reports that needed my signature (as "community representative" on the Animal Research Ethics Board).

Sure, of course I could.

When I finished the paper work and got back to the Clinic, UniGal told me it was probably a brain tumor. She and Warlord had tried to nurse another dog through cancer. Not a good experience. So she decided if it was cancer again, it was time to let Freeda go. I asked her if she wanted me to stay with her, and she said, "No." Just as I was leaving, Freeda returned with two vet students. I took a moment to pet her, as usual, and left.

Rest in peace, Freeda,
ya' ol' galoot.


Rosaria Williams said...

Oh tough for everyone. You and your family will miss her for a long time.

The Blog Fodder said...

Hard to put a dog down. Been there. They are the most honest loving giving animal. And in return the least we can do is not let them suffer. But it is tough. Big bear hug for the 'ol Bear.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, dog had to be put down 7 years ago...cancer and the vet said it was inoperable and could not be treated in another way either. It broke my is almost as bad to lose a furry friend as losing a human family member...I am so sorry. I love everything you say in your profile as well as your post! I am so very glad to meet you!!! Thanks for stopping by, leaving a comment and leading me here. We have a number of mutual blogfriends, it appears :-) God bless you and your wonderful family! ~Janine

Natalie said...

Rob! Where did my comment go? I left one as soon as you posted this. I am sorry about your friend, Freeda. It is really sad, and they leave such a whole in the family don't they?

I just popped back to thank you for your comment yesterday, and found mine gone. That is SO strange. Hope you are o.k. x

Rob-bear said...

S&S: Thank you for dropping by, and for your kind thoughts, Janine. (P.S.: I'm glad you're S&S, not S&M!)

Natalie: Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and support. (BTW: A teckie friend of mine says up to 10% of the stuff sent into the blogsphere gets lost up there. Maybe those lost messages are the REAL cause of global warming!) And I'm still all right for the shape I'm in, thanks.

Gutsy Living said...

It must be heart-breaking. I have Cookie, an 11-year-old rat terrier. She still runs next to me on the bike. I love her and can't imagine what it must feel like when that time comes.

Rob-bear said...

Sonia: Wow; what a dog! Either she's really fast or you travel at a fairly relaxed speed.

Think Cookie could write your FSOT exam for you? I suppose not. Best of luck!

Sadly, "that time" has already come several times in our lives. Doesn't make it any easier, but the experience and feelings become a bit more predictable, and a bit easier to handle.

Lori ann said...

I was so sad to hear about your dog, It is never easy. What lovely words you had for her. And can I just say what sniffles and smiles had to say,as well as thank you for your kind comment to me and It's so nice to meet you! I love bears (just not right outside my tent!!)

cheshire wife said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. It must be so hard to have an animal put down. At least she didn't suffer but that does not make it any easier.

Snowbrush said...

I'm very sorry that Freeda is gone.