Sunday, May 10, 2009


While we've been watching the birds in our yard, we've noticed a pair of Robins hanging around a tree at the far end of our yard. Today, I wandered next door into the neighbour's yard, and guess what. All it took was a couple of glances to see Mrs. Robin sitting on a nest.

So, I guess our back yard has turned into a maternity ward!

The good news is that Robins and Nuthatches like different food -- so there's been no fighting.

For the picture of the American Robin, look in the sidebar, just below the "thousand word" picture.

P.S.: It snowed again yesterday. Fortunately, the snow was followed by rain, so all the white stuff is gone. And we're supposed to get more snow. "Snow yesterday, snow tomorrow, no snow today." (Or is that supposed to be "jam" instead of "snow"?) We bears can be so forgetful.


Unknown said...

Wow, you're still getting snow. We've already had the first sets of baby birds and the little feathered friends are frantically working on the second of the season.

Rob-bear said...

Jane: Lovely day to-day for Mothers Day (belated "Happy Mothers Day"). Warm and Sunny. Same tomorrow. Thundershowers predicted on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday -- "rain or snow." SIGH!

Natalie said...

Too cute! The Robins, not the neverending snow story. :(

It is coolish here today, hoping for a top of 20C, overcast, bit gloomy, but no snow. I am just shoveling excrement. :D xx

P.s. Sorry for being grumpy at you.

Gutsy Living said...

Lovely to have a maternity ward in your backyard, especially with a bear in the vicinity.

Rob-bear said...

Natalie: Depending on the excrement, there could be a pony in your yard! Wouldn't that excite your younguns! And terrify you?

Sonia: We're all "bearing up" in the "maternity ward." The one challenge is that the Robins have built in the tree right next to our neighbours fire pit. The neighbours like to sit out, and cook, and play guitars, and sing. All really wonderful. I just hope mom Robin doesn't get smoked out some day.

Belated "Happy Mothers Day."

Reasons said...

Robins? Snow? Goodness, is it Christmas in the jungle!?