Thursday, May 14, 2009


I now fully understand global warming.

Some of us have been hogging all the heat; some of us are freezing in "almost summer."

Here's an example. There's a certain island-country-continent in the South Pacific which has been hogging the heat for several years. The result: nasty droughts and horrific brush fires. (But I'm too polite to name the nation.)

Up here on Canada's prairies, we've got the opposite. It snowed again yesterday; we've got even more snow today. Yesterday, the sun came out and melted the snow. Today, I may have to shovel the sidewalks. (I had to shovel the steps already, in order to get the trash out of our den.) We Bears have a word for this situation: #@&%^* I understand humans have a similar word.

Here's a plan. We'll load up a whole bunch of containers with snow, fill a container ship, and send it to Melbourne. In return, people in the unnamed island-country-continent can fill up the containers with hot air and send the hot air back to us. (Best place to find hot air: The National Capital Region of said southern country.)

Do we have a deal?


Reasons said...

Hmmmm, perhaps you came out of hiberation a tad early Rob-bear, best go curl up again in your cave until that certain little island stops hogging the heat.

Rosaria Williams said...

I'm in. Let's share the wealth.

Unknown said...

I swear it's been raining here for the past 3 weeks straight. I can't wait to see some sun..

Rob-bear said...

Joanne: I'm out of hibernation at the right time; it's just that somebody changed the weather rules. Besides, I'm tired of hibernating.

Rosaria: I'm with you. Thanks for the support.

Dani: Three weeks of rain isn't great. But it beats our three days of snow. Fortunately, I think it's supposed to be nice for the weekend. Well, maybe. Hope you're OK.

French Fancy... said...

Still got snow? You poor thing - I bet you are sick to death of the shovel

Rob-bear said...

FF: The good news is that we have been getting rain after the snow, so most of the snow melts and I have to do very limited shoveling or sweeping. At least the ground is wet and the perennials are slowly making progress.

Natalie said...

Hmph! Get yer own I say!

Signed Kevin C(Rudd)
Prime Minister

Affectionally known as 'Horse Trailer'.

Rob-bear said...

Natalie: You need to be really careful about this. My mate in Brisbane has been a close friend of Kevin Rudd's for years, worship at the same Church, attend the same Bible Study group, etc. Now that I have this forgery in writing, . . .