Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Actually, I got a couple.

An Unusual Awakening
Many of you have experiences of canines; experiences which are quite different from mine. (Canine as in canis lupus, better known as Dog. Only in my case, it was canis latrans, better known as Coyote.)

My friend Nick was there, nose almost touching my face. (For those who let their Dogs sleep on the bed, this may be a somewhat customary experience. In my case, no!) 

Talk about waking up with a shock! And the worst case of "spring breath" I've smelled in years! He hasn't been eating well. 

So I screamed, "Nick! What are you doing! Are you trying to scare me to death!"

Nick apologized, saying he was just checking to see if I was awake. I assured him that I was. Now. 

After I got over my shock, I mentioned I as feeling hungry. Nick looked askance.

"Don't worry, old friend," I said. "I won't eat you. I had something about the size of a Squirrel in mind. Nothing too big for my first meal."

Nick understood that; he nodded his head.

"So what's it like outside?" I asked, because my cave did not appear to be too bright. 

"Well," said Nick, "not so great. Check it out for yourself."

And so I did. Scramble. Crawl. Pull myself to the door. 

Snout out. Which led to my second surprise.

Inclement Weather

Cold. Actually snowing, blowing, and cold!

"Nick," I bellowed, "why didn't you warn me?"

Nick was non-plussed. 

He replied, "You've got a heavy Bearskin coat; I've only got a Dog coat. Obviously things are going to feel different for you than for me. So I thought you could decide for yourself what it's like."

Now, Nick is pretty bright; I'll give him that. And he's kind and helpful, despite your image of a Coyote. But his social skills are — how can I put this nicely — in need of considerable refinement. 

"You woke me up for nothing," I said, as I crawled back into bed." I'm waiting for Spring."

"But today is the first day of Spring," he replied. "I thought you would feel it in your bones." 

No Nick, wrong again. 

I pondered the situation a bit and finally said, "I'm going to try to get back into hibernation. It doesn't feel like spring out there, at all." I think I sounded a bit cross. 

Nick paused for a moment. I knew he had something on his mind. He has this certain look. Probably going to ask for a scrap of food, though there's nothing here.

"Um, well, if you're going back into hibernation, can I stay and sleep here for a bit? I'm sure your Bearskin coat would be nice and warm."

About what I expected. Bear and Coyote sharing a bed. Think Lion and Lamb. Well, OK; not so much.

"Whatever," I said and rolled over. Nick snuggled up against my back. 

But it's so late, I wonder if I'll get back into hibernation mode. Especially with a Coyote sleeping beside me. Good grief; a canine on my bed.


Jackie said...

Looking forward to the lion and the lamb days, myself, my friend.
As you await spring weather, I send you warmest hugs.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Everybody, or in this case Everybear, needs some "body" to keep them warm.

DJan said...

It can't be TOO bad, since you wrote this, meaning you are coming out of hibernation and still in one piece. And that piece is not in Coyote's empty tummy. :-)

Hilary said...

Sounds like a case of bear's best friend, to me.

Frances said...

It's time to admit it, Bear.

Spring is here. You'll enjoy waking up and seeing all the light that old sun is giving us every day.

Next thing you know, it will be Easter.


Irene said...

Winter is lasting a long time everywhere this season. It is the same way over here. You have to be patient for a few more weeks, I think. How cozy to have a nice cuddly dog on the bed with you. Sleep well!

ReformingGeek said...

Oh dear. More snow? That's just wrong. I'm glad you have a friend to keep you warm. Make sure you share a fish with him sometime.....if it ever stops snowing!

Rosaria Williams said...

Well, you had to wake up sometimes,and today is the official wake up day for most of us mammals. Aren't you hungry yet?

The Bipolar Diva said...

My small canine is at my side as I type, all snug and sound, and Nikki's canine, or I should say the Poodle's Nikki, is all safe and snug, tucked in downstairs. And now, we shall attempt to sleep.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

It's teh ear full of dog-slobber that I can do without.

Manzanita said...

Bear and coyote, bear and coyote...
Go together like a dance team try-out
Ta-da da da da tum. etc.
So it is the 1st day of spring. Well, happy spring, even though you are back in hibernation.

A Lady's Life said...

lol that was cute and funny. lol
Snow doesn't know It's time to go.

Chatty Crone said...

Canines on the bed = a good thing!!! That will get you right out of hibernation. It is the first day of spring! Pretend the snowflakes are snow flowers - just kidding. It has to be hard. But it was good to hear from you. sandie

Amber T. Smith said...

Awww, such a cute post!! You will probably find that hibernation will elude you, though. Spring is here. It might not FEEL like it, but it is.

susan said...

We've had multiple snowstorms these past few days but when the sun emerges it's warm. I always liked to see daffodils sprouting from fresh snow.

Enjoy your close company until that day you can both go rambling again.

Anita said...

Coyote? Dog Breath? Snow in the Spring?

Welcome back Bear!