Thursday, March 29, 2012


Bear has been distracted more than a little recently. During that time, something nice occurred. And made me smile.

Distraction 1

I've been very busy taking the pain management program at one of our hospitals' Chronic Pain Centre. After years in physical pain (and mental pain), I've made some great strides in terms of getting better. Yes!!

But I still have to keep working on exercises, and walking, and stair-climbing, if I'm going to stay better. That has been keeping me busy. And thus distracted.

Distraction 2

My old computer has died (more or less). It certainly is not reliable any more. So I got an iPad.

It went back a few days ago.

Having it was not a good experience.

I found it hard to use, and not at all compatible with the other "peripherals" in this Bear's cave. It just does not to make a good primary computer. It's a nice toy, for those who can afford it.

So, I got a MacBook Pro. At about three times the price. I've have been busy getting it to work. It's a bit quirky (not Bear's fault, I assure you), with new things to figure out. I cannot transfer to it a lot of the material that I wanted to move. But it seems to work well thus far. Life will improve as we get better acquainted.

Distraction 3

As I mentioned to you in my past post, the minister of our congregation is not healthy. So, on 36 hours notice, Bear lead morning worship last Sunday.

What happens next is not clear. For the third time in 30 years, I may end up serving this congregation as an interim minister, while our pastor gets the care and rest he needs.

Now, the Excitement

While I wasn't paying much attention to my blog, I gained a new "follower." As in someone who wants to hang out with us (meaning you and me).

Follower number 100 is Murr Brewster, from Murmurs. This former US Post employee runs an "interesting" blog. Her mind is as sharp as the tip on an ancient fencing foil; her humour as dry as a salted cracker. Just don't expect her to "go postal."

Like those other peculiar but brilliant folks who choose to keep Bear's company, and yours, hers is a blog you are advised to read.

To Conclude . . .

"That," said Bear, "is that." For today. Remember: one more follower is one more person in our conversation.



When I opened things up this morning, I found there were 101 followers, not 100. Of course, by time I made my discovery, this post had published itself. (It's magic!)

So, follower 101, I'm coming to visit!

Ah, what's this? Close to the end of the day, number 102. Hey, Suburbia, I thought you were already a follower. You're here often enough.

Wait a minute! Are you involved in this, Allen Funt? Where's your camera?


Rosaria Williams said...

I like how you welcome everyone! As you know, I jumped to an astronomical number last year, this time, and I've not been the same in keeping up with correspondence. However, I do try to stay close to those folks who leave messages.
Rob, your distractions are good things, meant to keep your moving and enjoying all the little things that can still be enjoyed.

Now, about that trip down the Pacific Coast: you can make it happen! Or, if you wait, a few months from now, I might have a bit of good news that might make your travel even more worth the time and the bother.

The Broad said...

Your post is so positive and so full of warmth and goodness. It feels like you have been re-born and I applaud your hard work, but most of all I applaud you...

John Going Gently said...

I love finding a new "follower" such a compliment!

Suburbia said...

Hey Bear, so glad your pain clinic is working, I'm so pleased for you and really can't imagine how awful being in constant pain must be.

So glad you have sorted out a new computer too

S x

Irene said...

I can't imagine what it's like to start up with a whole new computer but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. Good luck with your new congregation. I'm sure you'll do great. Much success with your pain management. I hope it works out to the best of your benefit. xox

potsoc said...

Distractions are good for the soul, so keep on being distracted as much as you can "bear" it.

Golden Eagle said...

It is great to hear about nice things occurring. Especially that you are getting better!

And now it is 102 Followers. :)

ReformingGeek said...

Be sure to let the follower know she must bring fish for Bear.

Change is good. Think underwear.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay glad your pain is getting better - keep practicing the rest of your life.

Were you a minister at one time?

You are a busy boy and getting a lot of new followers.

And your new MacBook!


The Blog Fodder said...

This is the most positive post. I am glad. My Mac owning daughter will be quick to tell you you will LOVE your new toy. and maybe interim pastor will be good for you and your new assembly.
Isn't Murr Brewster wonderful? I need to go back over her columns and catalogue all the things she has done to the English language that should be on a calendar of quotes, like my Mark Twain calendar.

Rob-bear said...

® rosaria: Thanks.

Astronomical number? That would start at about ten million. I may only be a Bear, but I doubt you've reached that age.

Trip to the We(s)t Coast? IN my dreams. It will be a while before my body is ready.

® The Broad: Ah, you are so kind. Thank you.

I keep trying to follow what you've said.

® Suburbia: Thanks, too.

I'll be fine as long as I don't get lazy. Actually, I'm not lazy; I just take a relaxed approach to life.

Crystal Pistol said...

Congrats on your new followers. :) Fun!

cheshire wife said...

Congratulations on your century!

Very noble of you to cover for a colleague who is ill but do not over do things and make yourself ill too.

Rob-bear said...

® ReformingGeek: Actually, I don't impose conditions on my readers like bringing fish, or nuts, or berries. The fact they read what I've written is quite enough.

Underwear? Under where? Change? Another Human habit, no doubt.

® cheshire wife: Thank you. I try to help my friends when I can.

Over do things? I thought I would take a short walk today, to see what's about the place. I got back almost an hour later, having gone all the way down the hill, along the river bank, and half way to the University. Yes, I overdid it. So far, I feel just fine. Maybe I need to over do things a bit more, thereby getting healthier.

One of the things to learn is how much I can do without harming myself. I am coming to the conclusion that I vastly underestimated my capabilities when I was unwell. But things have changed; I have yet to re-determine how much I can actually accomplish.

Survivormama said... are worth following...did you enjoy leading worship? I trust you did...So no Ipad for Bear...hope the Mac Book works out.

susan said...

My husband's MacBook has been getting finicky of late and he's planning to get an iPad when it dies. I hope he likes it because I'm not so fond of sharing my MacBookPro. You'll soon learn to love yours.

If you enjoy knowing you have followers it's probably about time I oblige.

Rob-bear said...

® susan: Having followers is fun. What is even more fun is when flowers become friends. Thanks you for coming along.

I understand your dilemma about sharing your MacBookPro. My wife was reluctant to share hers, which I why I tried the iPad. Though I did get my own laptop.

Murr Brewster said...

I felt really special getting to be #100, and now you've made me feel even specialer. Thanks. Also thankful that no one has asked me to fill in with a sermon. I'm pretty sure no one will.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hey, 104 now! Woot!

Glad the pain clinic is helping!

DJan said...

And I'm making it 105! Glad to be here, Rob! :-)

Rob-bear said...

® Murr Brewster: Glad you feel specialer. I hoped you would!

And you preaching in church would be, ah, um . . . interesting! Though I doubt you'd be tarred and feathered. (We Canadians are very polite; some say too polite.)

® Lisa @ Two Bears Farm: Yes, more people seem to be fining this Bear. I trust lots are finding you Bears, too.

I'm not is as much pain now that I've been through the pain clinic. Thankfully; very thankfully.

But I can still cause lot of pain; specially through this blog. Fortunately, most people have been Bearing up under the burden of the humour.

® DJan: I've seen you often around the blogsphere, but it's taken me a long time to visit you. Sorry. I'm glad I did. And not just because you've signed on here. I enjoy your blog.