Sunday, November 6, 2011


Well, the weather is getting cooler. When I woke up this morning, I thought it was cold and a bit foggy.

Not so.

Behold! The former site of occupy Saskatoon.

Truth is the tent-dwellers have moved to a more sheltered location.

But, as you can see, much of the city has disappeared. I need to go and find it.

If I'm gone too long, please send the St. Bernards out for me! I may be lost.


Manzanita said...

Do you prefer the Saint Bernards "with or without" the kegs?
Enjoy your nap.

ReformingGeek said...

Brrrrr. It looks beary cold out there. Very pretty, though.

I shall hibernate in your honor.

Rosaria Williams said...

Bear, you know you are needed out there, and you won't be resting much with all that important stuff going on without you. STay safe.

betty said...

Its beautiful; stay safe and warm!


Golden Eagle said...

Stay warm! It looks frigid.

Rob-bear said...

® Manzania: Without. Sigh. You see, I'm taking these medications. . . .
But thanks for the thought.

® ReformingGeek: It is Beary cold. Mid-afternoon, and still below freezing.
Thanks for offering to hibernate for me. Really, though, I have to honour my own nature. Something which is sometimes inconvenient in my relation to the Humans among whom I live.

® rosaria: Yes, indeed; important stuff needs to be done. Weary Bear gets no rest, at lest for now.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Rob-bear said...

® That corgi: It is, indeed, beautiful. But the temperature sure isn't Southern California! Neither is the snow.
Thanks. I'll try to stay healthy.

® Golden Eagle: Yes, it is frigid. As in below freezing, all day.
Thanks for your concern about my welfare.

Jean said...

Snow already ??!! Just looking at the picture makes me shiver - now I understand about hibernating.

Keep warm !!

Diana said...

I wonder if you are planning an early hibernation?! I think I would.
The city looks like a beautiful one.
Love Di ♥

Jackie said...

Rob....I think the site that you photographed is beautiful.
You see, I love a 'true' winter...and these photos depict to me what I believe that winter looks like. I can almost feel it!
Take care of you, and please stay warm.
Smiles to you,

Frances said...

Rob, I think that the Occupy concept has crossed many borders now, and will not be easily set aside by a bit of snow.

Do not hibernate quite yet. At least stay awake for the next beautiful full moon.


Amanda Summer said...

what beverage of choice would the bear like in the keg that gets sent out with the st. bernard?

stay warm, r-bear.

Rob-bear said...

® Diana: The city is beautiful. Reflection off the white snow was great today, after yesterday's storm.

® Teacher's Pet: This isn't true winter. Not nearly enough snow, and temperatures (-2C, or 28F) not nearly cold enough.
Glad you're enjoying the pictures. Update tomorrow of pox with sunshine.

® Frances: Well, since I'm up, I might as well wait for more excitement. Thanks.

® amanda: It's not beverage of choice as much as what I can take while I'm on my current medications. Maybe grape juice? Certainly not Brandy.
But thanks.

Unknown said...

I'm not quite ready for the white stuff Rob-bear..very pretty in pictures, but I have too much experience of the reality of it all! Stay warm.

About Last Weekend said...

Oh my gosh. I'm in new York and its like summer here. What happened to the homeless people, I hope they find good shelter. Good luck on your venturing out - take care!

Lydia said...

BRRRRRRR. Those are beautiful, but oh so very cold-looking scenes. I need a hot bath and my beddy-bye after looking at your snow!

Rob-bear said...

® Jacqueline: This is one "snow job" about which we cannot do much except clean up and/or enjoy the view. Being in the Niagara Peninsula, you would know. As for your sister, rainy and cold would be the order of the day, I think. Always so much rain on the west coast (or the wet coast?).

® About Last Weekend: Sunny and warm in New York; fresh, bracing, brisk in River City. Well, something like that.

Rob-bear said...

® Lydia: Cold-looking? Oh, no.
Energizing. Invigorating.
OK, cold.
It's all in one's approach to the matter. One gets to learn how to fool one's mind when one lives in this climate.